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Thread: How can I take this Mag Further?

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    How can I take this Mag Further?

    I orginally posted this on specops, but since it is a mag, and this is mag homeland , I figured I would post it here too.

    I pretty much have to have a summer project or I begin to lose my mind :blink:. My orginal project was to build a launcher similar to Saber's (LINK). However, progress on that is going MUCH faster than anticipated (after about 1 week of work, I am almost done with it). This leaves me looking forward to a long boring summer . To fight my bordom, I have decided that for my next project I should try and upgrade my sniper mag......

    First for all of you who dont know what a snipermag is, let me give you a description and a picture:
    (ORIGINAL--Made by Gamer)

    (My copy---Made by me *Duh* )

    The snipermag was designed by gamer to be used in the "shadow" (a class that gamer invented) style of play. The shadow is a mix of a sniper and a dagger, that focuses on a mixture of speed and stealth to become a mobile sniper.

    Now that you guys know what a snipermag is, and what role it was made for, what should I do? Gamer stopped modding his, and no further upgrades have been made. Here are some the thoughts/ideas that have come to mind...

    I have always wanted to make a "complete" gun, that was totally functional. For example a gun that had a hopper, and the CO2 was on the gun itself. Now I have thought about using 12 grams, and screwing those into where the vertical grip usually goes. The problem is that 12 grams can be quite expensive, and a mag isnt as effiecent (as, say a phantom) on 12 grams. Another thought that came to mind was to use some of the smaller C02 tanks (such as 3.5oz tanks -->LINK) and figuring out a way to attach those onto the gun.

    Another project that has come to mind (however I dont like this one as much) is to add a "rifle" style of foregrip to the snipermag. Similar to this one....

    Thats all I can think of right now...PLEASE POST ANY IDEAS YOU HAVE!!

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    You could always pnuemag it and make it faster....

    Other then that, not much. Nice Mil Sim mag..
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    What about a fake m-203 gernade launcher under the barrel that houses a 22/3000 hpa tank. The back of the bottle faces forward, you just have to figure out how to make the ribs that go on the side and a fake trigger setup. Ive seen it on a X7 on the tippman site. Looks amazing, and very mil-sim.

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    if you want a little tricker project, you could make a bullpup mag. I've yet to see one with a qloader.

    Or, it looks like you might be able to mount a co2 tank on a large drop forward (better yet if you can mount it directly to the foregrip. Or you could mount it reversed.
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    90 ASA, man. Bottle horizontally under the barrel gives both the rifle grip and air on-gun.

    Also, wrap the hose with the ghillie stuff, too, and see if you can get the top of the scope and the rest of the stock. You've got almost no straight lines on the marker to help the eye pick it out, might as well take it all the way.

    Nice marker, though, I remember FamousGamer's thread (and it inspired my marker, almost complete!). Post pictures whatever you do. Peace.

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