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Thread: 1000mah E-mag X-mag Battery Packs.

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    1000mah Emag Batteries PM me.

    NEW 1000mah E-mag X-mag Battery Packs.

    In Stock 03-25-2010

    Aftermarket software has kept the AGD E-Mag platform a top competitor despite its age. One component that's showing its age however, is the stock 650mah battery pack. The AGD 650mah pack is both expensive and underpowered compared to recent advances in battery storage capacity. When I found myself in need of 5+ battery packs for my friends and myself, I looked to custom aftermarket solutions. Now, tried and tested in my own X-Mag, this is what I had built:

    <a href=""><img src="" width="600" height="450"></img></a>

    Version 3 packs now come with the Fuse installed.

    -1000mah High Discharge Tenergy Cells provide an estimated 30,000+ shots on a single charge.
    -Professional Welded construction, NOT soldered (soldering heat damages battery pack cells.)
    -Silicone wrapped wire (low resistance & high temperature melting point.)
    -Shrink wrapped to fit the tight confines of the E-mag battery housing.
    -Reinforced construction that fits perfectly (no o-ring needed)
    -Works in X-Mags, E-Mags, Micro-Emags and SFLs.
    -Works with both the stock AGD charger as well as aftermarket chargers.

    Quote Originally Posted by FiXeL
    I'm really impressed with the quality of these cells
    Quote Originally Posted by RA1N1ER
    these are awesome ... you have to really get one
    Quote Originally Posted by PsychoBaller
    Definately a better pack then the stock AGD pack.
    Quote Originally Posted by Russ
    Got my pack - It is very professional-looking.
    Quote Originally Posted by mt84
    got the battery pack today, WoW you shure did some fine work there. Great product.
    Quote Originally Posted by mpsd
    The battery pack is super well done
    Quote Originally Posted by Ratzo
    Pack looks great very well put together.

    Please note: Prices on nicad and nimh cells have gone up with the rising costs of tin, copper and shipping from China. The cells my packs are made from went up over 30% from last year.

    Pricing and ordering Information
    -Replacement packs without tops $59.99 shipped
    -Complete packs with AGD Tops and clips installed $69.99 shipped. Paypal/MO/Check

    Please note
    : Replacement packs come as pictured, without tops. They are designed as a replacement for failed AGD packs, and thus the stock tops and clips must be re-used.

    Also note: if you are not comfortable soldering the tops on yourself, you can send your top to me for free installation.

    warning The wires must be connected to the correct clips or damage to your charger and board will result. If you are worried about installing the top yourself please take advantage of the free install or opt to purchase a complete pack.

    <a href="">Feedback
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