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Thread: dentists and paintball

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    dentists and paintball

    so im in the dentist chair, watching the slowly pick away at my gums.. missing the teeth almost completely, well anyway, she asks me what ive been into lately, so i said paintball. she idmitily says "oh my gosh, do you know how dangerous that is!?" then shes like "how long have you been playing, does your mother know about it, and how much i have invested on my gun." she also said that her souns (12,140 wanted to get into it but she wouldnt let them because of how dangerous the sport is. i didnt know what to say so i just said that in reality paintball was one of the *safest* sports aslong as the players were safe. she was really taught the wrong info. hmm... anyone else have these experiences??
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    Talking Evil thought of the day

    Since dentists have high suicide rates, so hopefully she won't be spewing her anti-paintball views much longer.

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    o man thats bad FaSSt your evil, but funny. i had an exsperiance kinda like that but more along the lines of inquistive. it was a family friend who scuba dives. I walked in the door after playin for the day with my nitro tank and we got into a conversation and next thing i know we are in the back yard emptying out 2 hoppers through my VM68( my mag was being uncooprative at the time)
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    The media plays paintball out wrong. It gives paintball an alternative image for people to accept about the sport.

    For example, in my local newspaper they did an artice on paintball daves (local indoor place) and portrayed it the wrong way. They said that paintball included "war" games and that the players used "guns" and would play until they ran out of "ammunition". These key words may seem kind of fine for most people but they shape the sport in peoples eyes poorly. People will think it's a "wargame" where you go around with guns "killing" people. When it's actually a team sport that you have paintballs that you shoot with markers to tag the opposing team out.

    As you can see the way you word the description of our sport greatly has affects on the views of others.


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    RonRon- did you explain to her how incredibly wrong she was? I know when people say ignorant comments to me, in which they have no idea of what they are talking about, I usually get mad. If the dentist would say that to you she would say that to some young kids mother, which might stop them from being able to play again. Anyway, people like this just really upset me, these are usually the people that think football is dangerous and won't let their kids play but are the biggest fans of team X in the world.
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    you should have asked her how dangerous she thought it was to let her kids go to school every day.

    I mean jeebus, the only thing worse than an overprotective mother is noncompetitive sports.
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    Re: dentists and paintball

    Originally posted by ronron2112
    she also said that her souns (12,140 wanted to get into it but she wouldnt let them because of how
    140 year old son? Dangerous? No more dangerous than the Civil War he was born during!

    (Yes, I know what you really meant)
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    Post Paintball Safety

    I like to whip this knowledge on the uninformed such as your dentist friend ronron...

    You should see their faces when you tell them that paintball is ACTUALLY safer than bowling, and national study done by Washington proves it.

    Like we didn't know!!
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    yea i tried to explain to her... but she wasnt having any of it. she said that it was bad for kids to be pointing guns at each other, and she said and since they had so much in commom with REAL gun looks that they would get thw rong idea...

    Real guns look nothin like paintballguns.. well maybe the custom tippmanns do, but that besides the point. and in the in the wrong hands it can become a lil dangerous, but on the overall its the safest.. no one believes it.... a

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    Did you at least get some spare dental picks from her to make removing o-rings easier?

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    i actually thought of that... but my trusty medicle tweezers will have to do till i get one of those deal in "sportsmans Guide" they sell like 50 of them for like $15 good deals.

    too bad my dentist was a looser and probably would give me any

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    !!you can get hurt with Paintball Markers But then again that's nothing in comparison with getting hit over the head with a baseball bat

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    but then again, if you got hit over the head with a paintball marker... *.*

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