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Thread: 11" Crown Point Barrels BUY ONE NOW!!!

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    11" Crown Point Barrels BUY ONE NOW!!!

    Here is an 11" Crown Point Barrel. Hold on a minute while I put my barrel marketing hat on..... ok here is why this is the best barrel in the world.

    The most important feature is the Crown Point itself. A paintball is a light fragile object that is transitioning at high speed from a contained area out into the cruel world. The transition happens quickly and violently as the airflow completely changes polarity around the ball as it goes from being pushed by a tail wind to going into a 200 mph headwind. This dramatic, high speed reversal of airflow confuses the ball as it tries to find the path of least resistance. During the turbulent transition phase the ball can see uneven airflow and that means uneven air pressure on any part of it's surface. This uneven pressure PUSHES your ball off it intended path and DIRECTLY and IMMEDEATELY affects your ACCURACY!!!

    I can even PROVE it to you!! Ever drop a rock or marble into the water? Did it EVER go straight in?? NO it ALWAYS did something stupid before it sank to the bottom. The EXACT same thing happens when that poor light little paintball sees the light of day with a 200 mph blast in the face!!

    How much do you think getting off only a few thousandths of an inch at the beginning of the balls flight affects the aim point all the way down range? Ask yourself, where is the LAST place I want to mess with the trajectory of the ball. RIGHT AT THE BEGINING!!!

    Now think back, how many times have you shot your marker and watched that ball leave the barrel and do a nice straight smooth arc and TOTALLY MISS THE TARGET!!! Once? Twice? NO! It happens ALL THE TIME!! The airflow reversal gremlins got you again!

    So you went out and got that boomstick and it was better. The stepped barrels try and accomplish the same thing by stepping the barrel and degassing the air pressure behind it. This allows the ball to see a headwind before it leaves. GREAT you say, BUT NO!! THEY ARE MISSING THE POINT!! The stepped barrels are BIGGER in the last half and the ball STILL is getting hammered around in there BEFORE it leaves!! Think I am lying? POWDER YOUR BARREL AND FIND OUT! Go home crying to your momma when you find out your lame accuracy is due to your lack of physics knowledge.

    LISTEN to me, doesn't this make sense? If you had to transition something from inside to outside would you do it fast or slow? Would you do it SMOOTH or rough? ALL AT ONCE, or a little, at a ....time.

    The crack engineering team here at BFL spends days thinking about how this stuff works. We knew that ANY small improvement in the transition area would mean MAJOR increase in accuracy down range! We watched as the balls jinked right out of the barrel and knew there had to be a better way.

    That better way gentlemen is the Crown Point Barrel!!

    The triangular cutouts in the barrel tip, the Crown Points, allow the barrel to "fade away gradually" as the ball moves from the safe confinement of the barrel bore to the massive airflow of the outside world. While the ball is adjusting to it's new environment, little at a time, the points are still holding it on course and ON TARGET! At the end of the transition phase the points are almost gone, and the ball is free to continue on it's way fully stabilized with a smooth airflow and completely on target!!!

    How long does this take to get the ball "WET" with the outside world? About the length of the ball. When you dive in the pool, how long does it take to get you wet? About the length of your body! The Crown Points assure complete stability by being THREE TIMES longer than the ball! Any more is a COMPLETE WAIST of time. This is physically, simply and LOGICALLY the shortest possible accurate barrel configuration on the planet.

    Why DO you have that long tube with holes on the end of your barrel? Like the length? Like the weight? Like paying for all those holes? Like CLEANING them even more? Thought they DID something? Cause pros use them? Think Michael Jordan wears the same Nike's you buy at the store? Your buddy’s shoots darts? You ever seen a crown point shoot? Or are you comparing it to that other tube with holes? Think the laws of physics work different in your neighborhood? Think if you shot out of a tube at 200 mph you wouldn't have any issues? A paintball is a bag of fluid, you are a bag of fluid, which do you think would be more accurate?

    Stick with science, your accuracy will improve, your game will get better. Your friends will respect you and you will get picked first to play. You will be a leader and explain to everyone why you are so good and your gun is SO accurate! They will think your crazy at first but when you snap shoot them out they will stop dissing you and ask where to get one. Then you will experience that special feeling inside, you won't say anything, because you know you won on and off the field.

    Buy a Crown Point Barrel and BE somebody!!
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