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Thread: G-Force to release pneumatic frames for the Mags

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    G-Force Pre-Production frames to be ready soon (Production units all shipped!)

    The pneumatic frames can now be ordered! Price US$199.00

    Both videos have the 0.2mm trigger pull on the pre-production frames which the prototype had 0.5mm instead.
    Firing was done with a milkshake straw.

    The following pictures show a pre-production frame only. The production versions will have further improved milling and enhancements.

    The production frames include the following:-

    - Choice of black or clear anodized finish frames
    - Trigger comes with dual ball bearings
    - Bottom of frame prepped to accept an optional internal G-Force Micro-LPR
    - Channel prepped on top of the frame for LPR hose for external LPR users
    - Optional ASA adaptors to allow direct air supply from ASA to internal LPR
    - Rubber side grip panels
    - Trigger fully tunable
    - Trigger pull adjustable down to 0.5mm
    - New geometry is fully walkable (does not accept AGD triggers)

    Since the Automag is no longer mainstream, we will not be producing these frames as stock items. Each run will be limited and will take 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

    The first production run can now be ordered on our web store. All shipments will be sent by trackable method to ensure no losses.


    G-Force Technologies

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