If there's anyone out there that doesn't know what XMOD is you really need to get out from under that rock you've been hiding under... Check out my threads in Deep Blue or go to my web site www.NiedTech.com for details... basicly its a Software upgrade that adds 9 different firing modes plus everything else you could ever dream up to your E-Mag, X-Mag or SFL

OK guys I recently moved and in the process of unpacking I've found 6 more xmod cables so If there's anyone here on AO that want's them speak up now... Next week friday any that I have left will go up on eBay.

(two are spoken for but no $$$ yet)

I do have 50 brand new programmers in my closet but I only have 6 cables left so until I find the money to get more cables made thats it for now.

The Price is $132 ($120 + $12 S&H)