I have info about the next Shatnerball IV. Its either in Texas or Cali. Don't forget the clues about the ten gallon hats. Oh yea, and remember the clue about no rain; hey? Thats gotta be Cali right? Like the country song: it never rains in Cali.

So who's going?

I cant wait, remember the last one 3 years ago? The little kid kept giving his gun away to charity and people kept buying it back tot the kid, but he wouldn't take it. MANCOW left prior to the auction.

Who was in the base with me on Hammer's team when it was overrun and a guy got heat stroke? I have some good audio of that clash and man we took a popping.

So get ready guys, because they said at the event we are getting jersey again rather than shirts...cotton sucked! Ok, the price will go up as shatner said, but ehh...

Too bad Mobster Mash sucked, it really coulda been better I think. Any idea why the low turnout?

Good charity though. I do some work with the American Cancer Society with their spring Relay For Life charities.