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    New Forum - Open Source Paintball Marker

    OK guys, you all asked for it, so here it is

    Now, there are some rules here.

    No Attacking People
    No Flaming
    No General Stupid Crap

    Threads in this forum are subject to deletion /editing / closing at any time for any reason by the staff.

    Don't stir up a stink and have some fun building a gun.

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    How about "modular"

    I've had this idea for a while. If people are serious about doing something like this, why not make a completely modular gun? Hear me out:

    Why not have a gun that can completely change class with such little modification that it can be done halfway through gameday, with as few tools as necessary. For example:

    I'm using gun x in the morning. I have it set up to be centerfeed, electronic trigger frame, closed bolt pneumatics, etc etc. In the early afternoon, I decide to put my pneumatic trigger frame on there (think pneumag trigger for a closed bolt gun), and for the next game I put just a plain jane trigger (one that trips the sear manually) as well as taking the front pneus off and putting on a pump. For night play, I swap out my vertically mounted HPR and put a 12gram adapter on there, and I remove the centerfeed for a springfeed.

    All these parts could be modular and easily swappable. Also, the feed could be left, right, center, powerfeed, stock feed, etc...all you would need is the part of the body that bolts on which includes the feed neck assembly.

    If everything about the gun is streamlined to a degree, and things are designed in "kits" or "assemblies" as opposed to one-off mods, people could do amazing things with their guns and rarely play the same game twice.

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    The modular concept has been discussed, when you are in the main subforum list for this, hit the little arrow that says "from the" "last month" and change it to "the beginning".

    There seems to have been a steep drop off in people interested in it, I think because most of the interest came from a very small group of people, the bulk of which had a software background, only one person with a lot of thought about the legal aspects, and very few people who could or are willing to give designs to a group such as this.

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    The thing that's holding us back is that everyone wants to keep their IP. If people would just release it (what else would they do with it anyway, realistically?), we (I don't know who that is) could start discussing the next step, which i guess would be money.

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    I don't mind releasing things I've been working on to the public, I just want reassurance that if I did it remained public. The patent system is broken, people have successfully been patenting things that were public domain for years, they wouldn't stand up in court, but court might still be needed.

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    I know this is ressurecting an older thread, but would creative common's be of any value here?

    I listen to a bunch of podcasts that are released that way, and I don't know if that would be useful, or even transferrable to a project such as this.

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