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Thread: Feedback for Burscott

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    Feedback for Burscott

    I am new tro this forum and needed some parts. Burscott hooked me up with what i needed and gave me a heck of a deal at that. Thumbs up for good price and fast shipping.

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    Burscott sold me the coolest grips ever! Shipped'em real quick, too.

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    I bought an intelliframe from Burscott. The item was exactly as described and shipping was very fast. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and would not hesitate to do business with him again.

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    got an intelliframe and a ReTro valve from him ... they were just as described and got to me quickly ... would defiantly buy from him again!

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    Bought a Centerfire Minimag body and valve from me. Paid fast. Can't ask for more. Recommended buyer!!!! Thanks!


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    AR Mag

    I bought that sweet Auto-responce Mag from him. It in great condition and it came in fast, I'll shop with him before anyonelse!!

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    Thumbs down Caution

    I exchanged several PM's with Burscott regarding an Automag with several accessories.

    The final PM prior to sending payment contained the following:

    Hi [Burscott]!

    I'm game if you are!

    To confirm: that'd be $199 for the MiniMag with both J&J Ceramic and brass barrels, black Lapco drop-forward, shipped with a tracking number/insurance to my home address.

    One request: would you send a photo of the whole deal configured as it would be for shipping?

    Let me know what your PayPal address is when you send pics and it's a done deal!

    When I sent payment via PayPal, my message to the seller read:
    Subject: MiniMag on
    Note: Hi [Burscott]!
    Per our PM's on, this is payment for:
    - Functional MiniMag, single ADG trigger frame, braided steel air line(s)
    - J&J Ceramic and brass barrels
    - black Lapco drop-forward
    ...shipped with a tracking number/insurance to my home address.

    The package arrived, shipped via the agreed upon method, in good condition, however, the black Lapco drop-forward was missing.

    I sent an email to the seller asking them how they would like to handle the situation.
    I was initially ignored, filed a PayPal claim and was eventually PM'd by Burscott disputing that he'd agreed to include the Black Lapco Drop-forward.

    I feel I've been clear all along, as the above PM and PayPal message support. I regret this transaction ended this way but I feel I've been very clear, making a point of summarizing expectations at every critical point. The seller had the option of reading and disputing PRIOR to payment or the goods being sent.

    After the transaction is complete is NOT the time to be changing the agreement.

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    Thumbs down

    Pending resolution - seller has offered to ship missing item and asked if I'd help out with shipping costs.

    EDIT: still waiting.

    EDIT: the drop-forward Burscott shipped was in absolutely horrible condition. If he had more than one, I'm sure he picked the worst of the bunch, just to add insult to injury.

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    Talking Im happy

    I bought a diamond labs valve back from Burscott. Super easy. Just the way it should be.

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