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    CHEATER HATERS - Read this

    I can't believe the cheaters we came up against today. I've got my trusty ReTro Minimag shooting better than ever. My friend has his Impulse and then there's a couple guys with rentals and I think there was a guy with a MicroMag...

    Anywho we're in a firefight with these three guys in the woods we're all shooting at them and hitting really close by them. I didn't think much of it there was paint blowing up all around us too. But then one of them steps away from the cover with his back completely exposed. Naturally I let him have it...Now I watch all 7 or 8 of my shots pelt this sucker in the back he winced from the shots...but then he goes behind the brush and starts shooting at us again!!! Of course we're all going crazy. I'm ready to charge him andlet him have it but my 300 rounds were used up shooting at these wiping *edit* Would you want to explain the meaning of what you your Mom? Clean up your posts. Army.

    OK now everyone start ranting.
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