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Thread: Early RT with angled PF defective? is my baby messed up?

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    Early RT with angled PF defective? is my baby messed up?

    Someone just said this in a post that the person was probably even more confused than me who posted.

    I have an early RT, SN RT00069, with the angled power feed.

    Was there some kind of an issue with these? ive gotta say I love it cuz you can site straight down the sight rail, but do these have some kind of feeding issue? can I have a free hopper right body? (hehe)

    just hoping someone who knows whats up can let me in on it.

    thanks a ton
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    Basicly if you have one and it works fine, keep it, you got a good one. From what I understand, they had to be put together exactly or they just didn't work. I guess if you have one that old, and are using it, you can't have a defective one, because from what I've heard the defective ones weren't even playable they chopped so much paint.
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    This is a copy of my post from the other thread.


    Some of the early ones weren't aligned as well as they could have been. That is what caused issues. If your gun functions OK then it has no issues and is fine as it is. I would not change it. You have a collectors piece. Nice SN

    I quite happily used a hi rise RT for several years of tourny play.


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