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Thread: *^*June MOTM Contest*^*

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    *^*June MOTM Contest*^*

    TWO DIVISION MOTM Thanks to Tom Kaye and the enduring overseeing AO Mod staff for keeping this thread in order and running smoothly

    MOTM will run 2 categories , Standard Open Class anything goes and an "Old Skool" Mag competition ! !

    Please state which division you want to be in (Open or Classic) in case yours could go either way.

    Round 6 '09 ! !

    "MAG" of the month contest...that means MAGS of any kind.

    I want to see some kick butt mags ! ! !

    I will do it every month there seems to be continued interest , voting towards the end of each month, new contest on the first-ish of each month.

    Near the end of the month I will narrow it down to a Final 3 (or how ever many I think are worthy) and open a public voting poll to pick the winner for each division. Entries are valid until I close this thread.


    1) Must be your Mag and NOT for sale during the month of the contest.

    2) I don't care how great or sucky your pictures are, it's a gun contest not a photogenic prize.

    3) 2 pictures MAX , NO GIANT WALLPAPER sized a link if you need to or link to any larger pics.

    **This is the code to resize and thumbnail your pictures. Copy and paste and add the link where it says to.**

    PHP Code:
    <a href="Picture URL Here"><img src="Picture URL Here" width="600" height="450"></img></a
    If you can't figure out how to host your pics , I will get them hosted for you.

    FYI , It is to YOUR ADVANTAGE to simply post 600 x 450 or so sized pictures , they will look far better than the code resized pictures.

    4) One gun entered per month per Class. I'll allow you to enter one (different) marker in each.

    5) No previous contest winner entries unless it has changed drastically , give others a shot please.

    6) No text posts ...PM all questions to who ever you want to ask what ever you want to ask. Text posts will be removed.

    I will be judging on what I think is cool or worthy ...

    Generally it breaks down like this-

    Open Class MOTM :

    As in anything goes as long as it's a mag , wow us.

    Just a note ,

    I'd really like to see full functioning markers , those will get priority over the same parts just stacked up for a picture.

    OldSkoolers :

    Looking for anything falling under the guise of Old Skool or in the Spirit of Old skool , SS parts would be cool but that's fairly subjective depending on application. Could be rare , unique or just plain old and still neat. Rusty in a box not exactly the idea here So basically anything that cries yesteryear whether a Classic Custom or just Classic Cool.

    Further example:

    ule body = not old skool (unless it is so hidden in old skool goodness that I can't tell )
    newly produced frames = not old skool
    x valve = not old skool


    Bragging rights as well as your marker forever honored in the MOTM Winner thread.

    Anything "sponsors" want to add at my discretion (contact me first please)

    That's it....GO ! ! !

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    Classic division please.

    hires pic

    hires pic

    Here's my latest addition to the collection. Had this one hanging on my wall for quite some time, incomplete and was about to sell some of the parts untill i got the idea of making it a functioning marker again. It was pieced together from parts i had stocked up, and parts that were replaced on other markers/projects. The result is (imho) not that bad at all, so i decided to post it in the MOTM.

    PF left minimag body, spray painted black, (paintball fill resistant paint) Emag valve with L10 and RT on/off, Intelli with splinter pro trigger and SP wooden grips, Redz grenade asa, (has been modified) Omega rail, 15 degree front bottle adapter, bike grip, SP AA barrel, 16" and a dye gauge. (had to fill up that port hole and i did not have any black colored plugs, so...)

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    Classic please

    RT Pro with stainless powerfeed warp body, warp-feed, ricochet, stock barrel, intelliframe, home made "bike grip", DYE sticky grips, and Lapco drop-forward.

    The marker of little boys' dreams circa Y2K

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    its not quite done yet but just wanted to see what kinda responce i get out of it
    we have an (almost)all chrome/nickel automag classic pneumag. some will say the pneud trigger isnt old enuf but its an original intelli w/o the kink in the trigger gaurd..... it also weighs a ton and whats more old school than not being lite?

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    2 yrs. in the making!

    Open class entry please:

    This is my one and only every day Pneumag... It's been 2 years in the making (while playing on it). The performance of this mag has been so fantastic that it has been my main marker for the past two years. (i.e. it's not all show ). Now that it's back from LK-13's polishing service I figured now is about the right time to get in a MOTM submission. It's so polished that it nearly disappears in the woods when it's not in direct sunlight... I'll include a link to some pictures of just how shiny this really is at the bottom of this post!

    Parts List:
    Pewter XValve w/lvl 10 and ULT
    Sleeper Pneumatics with Mag Mod (installed by Cyberave68)
    ----trigger pull is so light that I've shot myself a few times
    Airwalk v2 straight from Jay at Cerberus
    ViperBlade Pro
    RPG Priah Body
    RPG No-Rise Feed Neck
    DW Dallara Rail
    Lapco VA
    CP Gas Thru Grip and Direct Mount ASA
    DW Fibur 14" (CP 14" Shown)

    Find a lot more pic's here.
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    1000mah Emag Batteries PM me.

    SFL X-mag

    Just for fun, Open class please.

    It took a lot of TLC but this is my primary marker now.

    Fixed/changed list.
    -Disassembled and cleaned every nook and cranny
    -Replaced bad 18v ace wire
    -Replaced ace to board wires
    -Replaced missing ace stand and hold down
    -Replaced Bad main board
    -Repaired grounding issue
    -Replaced ball bearings and springs
    -Replaced battery
    -Changed Hall cover
    -Changed mode Switch
    -Changed Grips
    -Changed Ball detentes
    -Blue screen

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    Ok, definitely old skool...

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    Open class for me.

    Based on a tommy gun foregrip and urbansix's old Tac-One foregrip design, but with different lines near the mounting block to flow more smoothly where the barrel meets the rail and body.

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    Original AGD Sidearm, Serial Number 66
    Grip Stix frame
    Press fit dye barrel
    Genuine Buffalo Horn grip panel
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    Started building this one last November. Still a work in progress.

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    Expendable Goons, Cheap!

    VF-XX's Gothic Mag

    From Paintball

    From Paintball

    Open class I guess. I built it up many years ago, but it's still not 'old skool'

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    Old Skool please!

    rebuilt A.I.R. valve
    ULE body
    J&J 12" barrel
    no rise clamping feedneck
    Lvl 10 bolt

    Duracoat "Dragonskin" paintjob, gold base with green, tan, black scales, matte clearcoat
    Custom carved synthetic ivory foregrip (Fearsome follows Function!)
    Matching Halo

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    Nastymag Oldschool class please.

    Two Stainless bodies, Luke's foregrip, Two Classic valves, and Duracoat

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    Open Class Please

    The "Dallara It Ygrip"
    (please forgive the fingerprints on the gloss black, it is a fingerprint magnet!)


    Xtreme Depot Inc. I.T. body
    Deadly Wind Dallara Rail
    Reverse 'XValve" X Valve
    Deadly Wind 10* CF foregrip
    AGD Y grip
    SP Freak barrel with WWA 1.5" tri tip
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    DW karta body
    Venomous designs Noxious rail
    gforce frame
    dw fibur barrel

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