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Thread: OFFICIAL GForce pneuframe pic and vid thread

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    OFFICIAL GForce pneuframe pic and vid thread

    Alright guys.

    For all of us patiently waiting to receive our pneu frames from G Force. I am going to start a thread so that we can show off our beauties when they do arrive.

    This is a 2 purpose thread.

    1- To show off your set up

    2- To show off YOU ripping on your pneuframe.

    For those that are able it would be great to get a video of you ripping on your GForce frame. From the sound of it these frames are only limited by the users fingers. We have seen what a straw can do. I want to see just how fast us users can actually get these things to shoot.

    I have asked rawbutter from the fastest fingers contest to goldwave the videos.

    So please post up a picture of your set up and if possible a video of you shooting it.

    The video needs to be up close to the frame and be at least 5 seconds of sustained shooting.

    Recorded BPS speeds:

    Andrew Cunje - 15 bps
    Smoothice - 13.6 bps
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