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Thread: *** Special Guest for the Server Crash Wed. Night**

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    *** Special Guest for the Server Crash Wed. Night**

    AO Master Blasters,

    We will be doing the countdown in the chat room tommorow night at 8:00pm CT. If the server lives (or doesn't) the chat room will still be up so I have arranged for a special guest speaker.

    He is our buddy Chris Goddard from Odessey and he is the designer of the HALO hopper. He will be there to answer any questions you have on the HALO in chat. I want you to give him a BIG AO WELCOME when I intro him and release the channel.

    Just one more thing to liven up your Wed. night!


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    ooo sounds great!

    I love the fact that on AO you not only get to talk to Airgun Designs people, but also other leaders of the industry!

    I've got a couple questions I can't wait to throw at him!

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    Cant wait Tom!

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    Arman/XPM Guest
    Is Chris the person with the user name, CTG? I have played with him 2 times. He is a regular at DFW Adventure Park here in Texas. - if you can send a Halo my way, I will be your best friend -

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    How do I access the chat server if clicking the link on this site doesn't work?
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    Dang...looks like I'll be failing that calc exam on Thursday...

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    Ice- Find "mIRC", search Yahoo or for it.

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    actually you can download it there
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    down load and test mirc hours befor this event is to happen.

    the when you have it installed click on conect or log on

    a screen should apear, and you will want to pick a network


    chose a server of the serveerlist and then hit the

    conect button.

    once your conected , you can type in the text bar

    /join #automags

    That willbring you to the chanel.

    if you have any more question just ask when you get toteh chat room, I am sure some one can help you figure it out.

    Team I have No idea

    PS: see you allin chat tomorrow night.

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