Heres a simple process for AGD to create a sponsorship/marketing superpower.


Make Airgun Designs Jerseys


Rework new AGD Logo


Make new AGD "sponsorship" banner


Make a few new cloth goods (hats, shirts, stickers, ect)


Offer the "AGD Sponsorship Deal"

Do something similar to what KAPP and Raven do....

Have 3, 5 and 10man teams send you X dollars to buy hats, jerseys, banners, ect.

When they wear your stuff, and place good at a tourney, you issue them a "team tracking code" for the AGD store.....They type it in, and thier "bank" for thier team gets debited......

IE....Lets say "team AO" plays PanAm Las Vegas, and wear your jerseys, hats, and flash off your banner and get 6th place.....They send you proof that they placed (like a pic of the score chart from the tourney, or factual information from and thier team gets discounts or $$$ off stuff in the AGD store....

I think it'd be a grand idea. Not only does AGD get to make a small profit off the jerseys, hats and such. They are not only marketing to more people by spending less overall money to do so....Plus you help out teams that love AO and AGD......

Think about it.....I just know there are lots of teams out there that'd love a AGD sponsorship even if they have to pay for it.