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Thread: Back spin on a paintball

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    ultimate setup

    ok to get this project to work properly you will need a gun that has a bolt that cannot rotate (sorry mags, shockers, ions, dm's, etc) only guns like tippy's, ego's, spyders etc. will work for this.

    first off you will need these supplies
    • your marker
      an unported barrel
      a bottle of elmers glue
      someway to drill (preferably a drill press with 3 point axis to keep it straight)

    First mod is just to the bolt itself, just make it like the CooperT bolt. It will impart slight backspin.

    second mod is to drill three rows of porting at the 5, 6, and 7 o'clock on the bottom of your barrel, this again will add a slight amount of backspin.

    next take your elmers glue and water it down to pretty much the consistency of water, then just pour it down along the top of your barrel to make it cause friction against the top of the barrel. NOTE: if not watered down enough this will cause alot of problems. I cannot stress enough about how it needs to be extremely watered down and how many, many coats should be used.

    if your feeling froggy you may be able to add your own friction plate to the marker body like on the galactic z body

    these are all ways that should significantly increase backspin while not cause you many problems that the apex and flatline give you.

    any more suggestions gentlemen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spencer
    You do..

    I don't understand how there are all these tests with rifled barrels and people saying that the paintballs won't spin, however in a flatline they spin just fine..
    They are talking about differnt axis of spin. A rifled barrel iis designed to impart a spin that is axial with the barrel. The spin systems (Apex, Flatline, Galactic Z etc) are designed to impart a spin perpendicular to the barrel axis.

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