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Thread: My Review of Noxx55's twist lock to autococker adapter

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    My Review of Noxx55's twist lock to autococker adapter

    Today I was able to get out and test noxx55's twistlock adapter out at the field. I put about 1,000 rounds down range today and what can I say, the barrel adapter is in my opinion flawless.

    I was using it on a
    Minimag Retro
    Level X
    Intelli Frame
    Warpfeed w/Apache hopper
    Aim barrel kit

    The adapter threaded smoothly into everyone of my cAutoocker barrels. The fit and finish of the adapter itself is perfect. I used it with the wire detent that was provided. It functioned perfectly and I felt no need to switch to a plastic ball detent. The adapter itself twisted and locked into both left and right positions smoothly and was secured tightly when inplace. My minimag fired as if the adapter was built just for it. I usually shoot a dye ultra light (the only automag twist lock barrel I own) and I get a fair amount of chops in the breech. I assumed my level x just wasnt set up properly. Well today pointed out that the dye barrel was to blame. Shooting about 500rnds of wgp addiction and 500 rnds of nelspat (very fragile) I did not get one single break. Everything function beyond my expectations. The adapter did not seem to effect accuracy at all either.

    I would recommend this adapter to anyone with a twist lock body. I absolutely love this adapter. This will breath new life into your barrel choices and not cost you the arm and a leg of a ule body. Plus I like my SS powerfeed body personally.

    The price tag of 40 shipped on ebay ( I think you can snag one from him on here or MCB as well) is more then fair for a very useful and high quality accessory. I wouldn't even call it an accessory for me, now its as impotant as having air. I can not play with out it.

    thank you,

    now go buy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    very nice too bad i already switched to a ule body.

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