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Thread: SFL Emag Thread V.3

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    I have the SFL emag bug again so I figured I can write down my discoveries over the past few years..... This thread isn't pretty, but it will do

    I created the Archive for SFLs with the serial #'s and pictures that I have so far. Check it out if this kind of stuff interests you. It is alot better looking that the original thread.

    1.) Finally found my unicorn!! EM01217 After years of searching, I was finally able to track down my favorite SFL. I stopped my journey looking for other SFLs in the wild after this one popped up.

    Name:  Femmes_Amy.jpg
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    2.) Behind Door Sales: A handful of SFLs have traded hands over the years. Freedom sold his Germany "F" Stamp SFL through the Tunaball black market. Added EM01566 to the list. New serial number add to "the list"

    Name:  yXWwwx34W_llcsCQmCWmpqcK1CE2ppZr0NkmnB4mvpApX92IB.jpg
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    3.) Maxim E-mag: The team captain of Team Maxim posted this on Facebook a little while ago. I was able to talk with him, but he never sent me over the valve number...

    BigEvil, could you send me over that screenshot again?

    4.) Found (2) SFL's at Living Legend 2017. I finally grabbed the serial numbers from these SFLs. Unfortunately, this is what happens with e-mag collecting.

    Red: EM01599 "Brian Terry":

    Blue: EM01564

    Name:  Photo May 21, 10 35 43 AM.jpg
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    Name:  Photo May 21, 10 35 39 AM.jpg
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    I was able to get Caustic Customs match the battery pack for the Brian Terry SFL BigEvil did my breach mod

    Name:  BMNV3xpfs0rJ51CuySxkQm1eCDrFExV0--Ls2pYJGdEpX92IB.jpg
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    5.) Original Colors: I found the original listing for SFL emags from ( link) The SFL Emag came in (7) colors. Both in Polished and Bead finish. I believe silver was the best selling, while the gloss green was the lowest selling (not sure if we even found one yet).

    Name:  Screenshot 2018-04-23 23.10.31.png
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    6.) I'm probably selling the Black/Silver Sponge with Red Splash sometime this year.

    I will probably send this over to AGD and Ben Johnson Photography before I sell it. The triggernomics trigger will not be included. Luckily the new owner will have a few choices. I always went really nuts getting everything anodized to match.. lol

    Name:  102_0560.jpg
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    7.) By the way, I have the original Shocktech Emag firmware if anyone wants to get rid of Xmod.

    8.) Unknown SFLs on Facebook. The Silver SFLs are really hard to track. They sold the most, and it is really hard to idenitfy them in pictures. Here was a new image I stumbled upon

    Name:  Yy5zie9Mr4KUQvlJScIQeOvIuYaukL_oafZyR65JtpcpX92IB.jpg
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    Here is a nice pewter SFL. I always wanted to track down the legendary SFL that was dropped into a lake for 2 days. I'm not for certain since the breach has the original detent cover.

    Name:  SAvoaYF8S5dA7qOYp9jV2OcMp0oohjam8LkfvlidwW8pX92IB.jpg
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    If you are on the chase for an SFL, I believe the owner is pretty active on Facebook.

    9.) By the way, that ugly green one in the post above is a photoshop picture of a Gloss Purple SFL emag. The original gun has a gloss black battery top that they photoshopped.

    Name:  nrUGHQQBP9GMiOnfkDnQu9sSuFgrIEP9N-l_UFE3ASEpX92IB.jpg
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    I think I messed up the gloss and dust purple on my Archive page. I will need to update sometime.

    10.) Put your tin foil hats everyone!! SFL Theory time!!! I spoke with Tom at Living Legends 2017 about the SFL emags. Because of poor sales, Shocktech stopped buying the bodies so AGD stopped sending them over I didn't really think of it too much until I stumbled upon a few posts from the Shocktech Facebook page.

    After purchasing the prototype SFL, I have the starting valve number for SFL emags. From EM01217 to EM01465 we have a couple SFL sprinkled with Euro Body (STD), and CNC bodies. After collecting data for years, I have 18 SFLs that fall in a sequential order. (Fun fact, every time I see an emag valve for sale, I hand enter it into my database. I still haven't found any that fall between the serial numbers below..)

    Name:  Screenshot 2018-04-23 23.22.28.png
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    I have 12 SFLs that I still need the valve number for. I feel like most of them will fall into that list in the future. I always thought about the fact that there could be a box of SFL sitting around some where. In 2014, Shocktech found 2 "SFL Emag" Frames in their storage. The frames are nothing special. They are the ULE emag frames that came out around that time. After reviewing the pictures, it is interesting to note that they look more polished than usually.

    Name:  utcq6Mw_oKXroXdj1sRA1RJk2NHvMuf7uKCc2WmOOV0pX92IB.jpg
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    Four years later in January 2018, Shocktech finds some more important parts...

    Name:  s8gv7psVGR6YCyeb1ASPgARSNnpPwJc0Sl_7nAwBchspX92IB.jpg
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    They found (3) more "SFL Emag" Frames and you can start to notice the bead vs. polish finish on them. More importantly, there is (5) SFL Breaches. I was really late to this party so I have no idea if they actually sold any. I really hope we can get these breaches to SFL owners that need them. I know of a few custom SFL breaches (and a warp breach!!) out there, but it would be nice to get this original stock back in circulation. I would really like to get one for the SFL prototype since I don't want to ruin the originality of it. I just send over a facebook message to see if they have any left.

    The number of grip frames now match the number of breaches that they had. I'm wondering if/when they will either find (5) SFL bodies or (5) Valves. My money is on the valves being found.

    The information is starting to match up with my theories about the rest of the guns out there. From the very beginning I have always wondered how many were made. I feel like i'm really close of finding every single one. Having these mysterious parts show up will help me get to the mythical 40 number.

    Hope you enjoyed the history lesson.
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