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    (Sorry if this is the wrong place, mods. This section seemed more appropriate than the others) Just a warning to everyone thinking about buying from these clowns... DO NOT!

    Okay, so on 11/24 I ordered some stuff from Zephyr Paintball. Three items total, all were in stock. ONE week later I get an email saying one of the shirts isn't in stock and that I was to call them. I did and they said they'd send me a different shirt instead. Same day I get an email with a FedEx tracking number, and the subject said "Zephyr Sports Order 2008-11-62*** shipped". I look it up and the EST delivery date was 12/8...however FedEx said they had only received the shipping info. I checked the link again on the 8th, same thing. I called up Zephyr earlier in the day to ask them about the link. The lady that picked up said she would call FedEx to find out what was going on, then call me back. (I gave her my cell #) No call that day. I called again yesterday and told them the story again and that I didn't get the stuff. Once again they said they'd call FedEx then let me know what was going on. Waited all day, no call.

    I'm getting pretty ticked at this point... It's looking like it will be a month+ total for this transaction to be completed. Plus I need the stuff for this weekend! At the time I didn't think I'd need to pay for faster shipping...

    Dear Jim Allen, This email confirms that you have paid ( $80.97 USD using PayPal. ((Date: Monday, November 24, 2008 3:31:37 AM))
    I' am sending you this email to let you know that we are "cusrrently" out of stock on the Dye 2007 royal ink t-shirt. we do have a "varity" of others to choose from. Please call us direct at 877-814-4297.
    Thank you,
    ***** Zephyr Sports ((Date: Monday, December 01, 2008 2:11:58 PM))

    Zephyr Sports 2008-11-62*** has been shipped. The tracking numbers appear below:
    FDXG - 518355710302062 ((FEDEX said they only received the electronic info, nothing more))
    Please be aware that it may take 24 business hours for your tracking numbers to be active. Items shipped on the weekend will not be active until Monday evening. ((Date: Tuesday, December 02, 2008 12:22:49 PM))

    UPDATE (12/10/08):

    I called Zephyr today at 830 when they opened. The guy told me he would call fedex and get back to me...well, I old him about the last 2 times I had heard that and explained the problem a little more. After hearing that he told me FedEx probably lost the box since their warehouse shipped it.

    Next, I call FedEx and told them everything the guy from zephyr said... FedEx said they NEVER received the package, just the shipping info. (Like I tried to tell the people at zephyr)

    So then I call Zephyr again and tell him what FedEx said. He then informed me that he had just gotten off the phone with FedEx and that his supervisor told him other people are having the same problem. Looks like Zephyr's warehouse is slacking.

    So basically the warehouse printed the label and everything, but never shipped the stuff.

    The guy I talked to also said he would call me back later today after they investigate the matter a little more. We'll see.... However, he seems more responsible than the lady I talked to the last couple days. He also said they lost a few customer service people and have been very busy as a result.

    UPDATE (12/11/08):

    No call yesterday, 3rd time they said they would. I called Zephyr again today and told them I wanted to talk to the manager. She said she would over-night my gear and call me back if she found anything else out.

    UPDATE (12/14/08):

    Looks like those morons lied again. I talked to the manager 3 days ago and she said they would overnight my gear. Weekend came and gear.

    They're going to get an ear full on Monday!

    UPDATE (12/15/08):

    Called again, talked to Steven. FINALLY someone willing to help me out! I explained the story for about the 7th time, and he said he'd call FedEx and get back with me. Guess what, he did call back. First time anyone from Zephyr did that.

    He doesn't know what's going on, but he said he'll talk to his manager and try and ship out my order again.

    Oh, and while this mess was taking place, it looks like another shirt I ordered is out of stock. So that means 2/3 items were out.... ATM I'm waiting for him to call me back with an update EDIT: Never got that call

    UPDATE (12/17/08):

    First call, the guy I had been working with wasn't there. Second call, I talked to the manager. She gave me a tracking number, only it was the same one I had 3 weeks ago...the one that had the problems. Well, I didn't have a PC in front of me to check it out. Got home, checked, and saw they were the same.

    UPDATE (12/18/08):

    Called and talked to the manager again. Told her about the number.. She said she'd research the problem and have someone check to see if my items were in stock. Oh, and she is suppose to call me back, "hopefully with in the hour".

    UPDATE (12/22/08):

    The manager never called me back to let me know if the dye shirt was in stock.

    First call...manager was out and they said they'd have her give me a call once she got in.

    No call...

    I called back 3 hours later and they said she was on the phone with someone else and they'd have her call me back...that was half an hour ago. I'm calling back after one hour has passed.


    3.66 hours later, she (the manager) called back. The dye shirt is only available in large (I'm a small/medium), and my 3rd choice t-shirt was out of stock, so I had to get it in a different color. Last week they offered me overnight shipping, but now they're saying it will go out Fedex ground. We'll see if they include the free shirt like they said. Wow, almost 100 bucks on 3 items and 2 of which aren't even what I want. I'm never ordering from them again! Seems 80% of the stuff listed on their website is out of stock...

    UPDATE (12/26/08):

    Still no indication my order has been shipped. I asked them to send me an email with the tracking number last time I called but they didn't. I'm going to call one last time to express my feeling then I'll be taking the matter up with the credit card company.


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    Whoa really!? I've done probably 5 or 6 very high dollar transactions through zephyr.... Never had a single problem with them...

    Oh well, hope everything works out well for you spud!

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    Sorry to hear that. I have had nothing but great service by them...

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