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Thread: *^* June MOTM Contest *^*

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    *^* June MOTM Contest *^*

    TWO DIVISION MOTM Thanks to Tom Kaye and the enduring overseeing AO Mod staff for keeping this thread in order and running smoothly

    MOTM will run 2 categories , Standard Open Class anything goes and an "Old Skool" Mag competition ! !

    Please state which division you want to be in (Open or Classic) in case yours could go either way.

    Round 6 '08 ! !

    "MAG" of the month contest...that means MAGS of any kind.

    I want to see some kick butt mags ! ! !

    I will do it every month there seems to be continued interest , voting towards the end of each month, new contest on the first-ish of each month.

    Near the end of the month I will narrow it down to a Final 3 (or how ever many I think are worthy) and open a public voting poll to pick the winner for each division. Entries are valid until I close this thread.


    1) Must be your Mag and NOT for sale during the month of the contest.

    2) I don't care how great or sucky your pictures are, it's a gun contest not a photogenic prize.

    3) 2 pictures MAX , NO GIANT WALLPAPER sized a link if you need to or link to any larger pics.

    **This is the code to resize and thumbnail your pictures. Copy and paste and add the link where it says to.**

    PHP Code:
    <a href="Picture URL Here"><img src="Picture URL Here" width="600" height="450"></img></a
    If you can't figure out how to host your pics , I will get them hosted for you.

    FYI , It is to YOUR ADVANTAGE to simply post 600 x 450 or so sized pictures , they will look far better than the code resized pictures.

    4) One gun entered per month per Class. I'll allow you to enter one (different) marker in each.

    5) No previous contest winner entries unless it has changed drastically , give others a shot please.

    6) No text posts ...PM all questions to who ever you want to ask what ever you want to ask.

    I will be judging on what I think is cool or worthy ...

    Generally it breaks down like this-

    Open Class MOTM :

    As in anything goes as long as it's a mag , wow us.

    Just a note ,

    I'd really like to see full functioning markers , those will get priority over the same parts just stacked up for a picture.

    OldSkoolers :

    Looking for anything falling under the guise of Old Skool or in the Spirit of Old skool , SS parts would be cool but that's fairly subjective depending on application. Could be rare , unique or just plain old and still neat. Rusty in a box not exactly the idea here Being a SC Pump guy , I do have a soft spot for pumps but I'll try and not let personal bias influence that too much. So basically anything that cries yesteryear whether a Classic Custom or just Classic Cool.


    Bragging rights as well as your marker forever honored in the MOTM Winner thread.

    Anything "sponsers" want to add at my discression (contact me first please)

    That's it....GO ! ! !

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    RRfireblade has stepped down from providing prizes for this contest. I would like to personally thank him for his selfless contribution to the automag community.

    If anybody is interested in providing prizes for this event please PM me. DO NOT post in this thread.

    If someone is interested in providing prizes and would like to take over the running of the competition completely please PM me.

    I would be happy to continue running the competition but unfortunatly I do not have the resources or the money to provide the prizes.

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    Iron Mag

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    I'm not expecting to make it to the finals, but I just got the breech back from Jay and wanted to show it off.

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    Open. Didn't need to have 2 x's in the lineup considering they are both black. Changed my mag since I received this one back today from Bazooka.

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    For an Old Skool entry - My newly aquired Brad "Q" Nestle Stock Class Mag

    For a open class entry - Frostbite

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    My snapshot training little monster

    - Stainless Steel classic clamping center feed body
    - Splash rail
    - Splash foregrip
    - 32 degrees single trigger frame with houghe grips
    - Evil on/off ASA and rail
    - Center feed twistlock Freak barrel with 10" tip
    - eMag valve with level 10
    - WGP 45 rounds ammo box (thanks, Rudz!! ) with AGD goodness


    - DW Dallara body
    - DW ULE Dallara rail
    - DW 10* CF Foregrip
    - DW 12" CF Fibur barrel
    - RPG Chimera, pneu'd by Pneumagger with internal LPR
    - RPG Viperblade adjustable trigger
    - CCM mid-rize locking feedneck
    - CP on/off milled for LPR on it's top
    - X valve with ULT
    - Hybrid grips
    - Black swivel macroline fittings
    - Red macroline from the

    At exactly two pounds, that's the lightest gun I've ever seen. It's 1/4 pound lighter than the Alien Mag, pictured in the back.

    More pics, here:

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    Tac one IN 3D!!!

    Tac one, Custom grips.
    I should win just because its in 3d

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    I reserve the right to change to some better pics...
    Open Class, of course
    The Phoenix Emag

    Phoenix body and rail
    CNC battery pack
    Dual Killa detents
    Powerlyte Scepter 2000 barrel kit
    Redz clamping feedneck
    Luke's Aluminum grip panels
    Custom anno by Gruntbull including Phoenix tattoos on the grips.
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    open class, "T-90", custom "P-90" style body i made out of a solid piece of walnut, tac-one base marker

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    With try this out under Classic:

    It's AGD Golden Gun #0011

    CF Minimag Body
    (Optional-PF Right Body)
    Doc Nickel 'Cocker Barrel Adapter
    10 inch .688 BOA Snakebite
    (Optional-Original Crown Point Barrel)
    CCM 10/20 round SC Feed
    (Optional-Palmer's Stocker Feed or Brad Nestle Stick Feed)
    Original AGD Pump Kit
    CCI L-Stock
    CCI Bucket Changer (Or 3.5 oz)

    (This is the alternate configuration.)

    My Feedback
    (It's a work in progress)

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    open class


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    May as well give my pumpmag a try

    Sorry can't figure out the bigger pictures phizz=computer illiterate.
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    It's my first time so please be gentle

    ReTro Valve
    Black Stainless Steel Body
    Classic Rail
    Benchmark Automag Gas Thru Grip
    Original 12" Dye Boomstick

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    Pulled out as going to be selling it
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    now it has a chord v2


    Bob long 2 piece .691 gloss black
    Bob long marq reg (was using it as lpr for pneumatics, now its just a foregrip) gloss black
    Bob long cam drive on/off asa gloss black (not pictured)
    Deadlywind Chord V2 clear polished
    custom filed rail gloss black
    custom retrofitted pm5 UL frame
    critical UL trigger gloss black
    Xvalve with level ten, ULT is on its way
    one kila magnetic detent gloss black
    one CP spring ball detent gloss black
    CCM no-pro feedneck, gloss black

    it was supposed to be pneu but I gave up on that because it was too complicated after it was all together, now it will just be straight ULT, cant wait to break it in. open class ftw

    also sorry for the ****ty cell pics, I dont have a digital camera, but trust me, its jaw dropping in real life
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    Tribal Phoenix

    thanks to you all on A.O. im giving this a whirl
    I got done custom anodizing this Dust phoenix tribal CnC ed , E-mag (passenger side is mirror image as to the driver's)
    all mods,work,cutting ,milling tech & tune - performed by myself
    Image Hosted by

    Image Hosted by

    luke's selector lever

    Tuna blade
    dual angel detents
    1K mah kc rule battery
    green display
    reds clamping F/N
    X Mod 1.8
    CP razor drop & ASA
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    Old School entry please.

    Gen 4, 68 MicroMag in "Jungle Sunset" anno with a PTP "Nut" barrel and lava style Heraldic grips.

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    One of My RT's.

    Classic division please.

    Clear/Purple Smear Classic RT Rail, Barrel, Siterail, Grip. All parts Tom sold on ebay as he left AGD.
    Minimag Body
    Classic RT Zgrip
    Kapp Purple Aluminum Grips
    Ans Purple Drop
    Emag valve with retro back. lvl 10, ult

    Took alot of to get it working correctly. Still needs some fine tuning. The rail set, grips, frame, drop are all new newer played with. Havent gotten to put paint thru it. I still need to get some more screws for everything. I found out chrome screws are expensive.

    Large Picture ->

    Large Picture ->

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    time to make a slurpee!

    Loguzzzzzz's X bodied Pneu-Sleeper

    The beauty of this beast may seem obvious at first but take a very close look!

    The beauty of this mag is not only skin deep, it goes all the way to the bone. As you can see the pneumatics and lpr are all internal making this a true pneumatic sleeper.

    Internal Tickler LPR and Magnet mod (for positvie trigger response) along with all the normal pneumatics.

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    Whut? No prizes?

    Like i care, i never won a MOTM before. But maybe this time i might get lucky.

    The micromag i posted last month was very close to winning, and i would like to post it again but this would not be the right thing to do. And i have another marker that i would like to enter in the MOTM, open class please.

    The Sovietmag.

    This is my real first custom marker, with custom milling and anno.

    The pics kinda suck, but if i get a chance this weekend i'll post better pics.

    Made out of a tac-one and a emag this is the e-tac known as the Sovietmag. This started out as a pneumagged tac-one, but eventually it became something else. All the custom milling and the programming for it was done by me. The programming was done at home using mastercam, and the milling was done on a Quaser MV204II vertical CNC milling centre. Guess what kind of work i do for a living....

    A worklog of making this beast can be found here, and more pics of the marker can be found here.


    - Emag lowers with Xmod 1.8
    - Tac-one CF body
    - X-valve/L10
    - New sear
    - New magnets
    - New led screen
    - New 1000mAh battery from KCs-RTule
    - Custom milled Emag rail + custom milled parts
    - Custom milled standard and PTP battery pack
    - Custom RPG subzero feedneck
    - RPG Retent
    - Tunablade trigger
    - Reloader B2 with magna board, magna clutch, custom bead blasting, hybrid '08 commy backplate, and new designs red anno rip drive wheel
    - RF chip (plugged into warp port)
    - SP freak barrel with 14" AA and 16" tactical tip
    - Dye on/off + mini drop
    - Swat force red dot scope
    - Macroline fittings from Macrolineguy
    - Anno by Gruntbull
    - Russian star logo's by

    It has been about a year now, since i started on a customised tac... But i'm very sathisfied with the result!
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    Open Class
    Everything you see + ACE

    With Flash

    Without Flash

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