[Russian accent]
Comrades, months of buying parts from the capitalist United States has payed off! The ukranian machine factory has modified the design to soviet standards, and it has been approved by the socialist party of the USSR. In wartimes one player will be handed out this marker and the other player next to him a pod. If the player with the marker gets shot, the other player pics up the marker and shoots!
[/Russian accent]

Ok, enough BS. You've probably waited just as long as i have, if you were reading my worklog. I've started with a tac-one bought from Geekwarrior and i had the urge to make something custom. This was about a year ago, and now i have 2 tac's. One is pneumatic, and the other is....

The Sovietmag.

Without any further ado i present you my most extensive modified marker i currently have.

Money was a issue at first, but during the project i lost track and it's maybe for the best. Also having this anodised in the states is a very long story, i'll put that at the end if you still want to read it.

The engravings turned out really nice, and i've filled them in with red paint for polycarbonate RC car bodies. The reason for this is that most spray paints are not resistant to paintball fill. This one is. And there is no risk of rubbing or wear, since all the colored lines are deep inside the parts, so it should hold nicely.

Also i've copied the original warning text and modified it a bit. And yes, Sovjet is not the way it should be spelled in english, but it's the way they pronounce it in russian, and in dutch so it's fine by me.

The board has been flased from AGD 2.21 to Xmod 1.8. Also the cracked led screen, rusted magnets and worn sear were replaced, thanks to A-Tach-One.
The original frame and rail were purchased from a dutch guy, who in turn bought it from a belgian guy. Let me say he did not take care of it the right way...

Here's the passenger side. Here you can clearly see the russian soldier on the reloader B2 with magna board. This effect was created by masking off the image with vinyl masking, and then bead blasting the shells. Also i've added a remove before flight tag to the battery plug, and some red macroline fittings from macrolineguy.

Another shot, slightly different angle. I must say that Gruntbull did a very good job annodising her, all the parts match and i'm very sathisfied with the result.

Yet another... On this one you can see the russian star that started all this... The one on the flip up cover of the red dot scope.

And another one... Just for your viewing pleasure! Maybe you are asking what happened to that X7 AK-47 front grip i wanted to use?

Well, i've decided that the marker looks much better without it. Even tho i like the grip, it gives me the option to handle the marker more like a firearm, but it just doesn't look right on this one. A friend of mine pointed this out, and i must agree. I had plans to make a foregrip and grips made out of oak wood, but i think this would not look good on a all black and red gun. This was never a attempt to make a mil-sim gun, but something to my liking.


- Emag lowers with Xmod 1.8
- Tac-one CF body
- X-valve/L10
- New sear
- New magnets
- New led screen
- New 1000mAh battery from KCs-RTule
- Custom milled Emag rail
- Custom milled standard and PTP battery pack
- Custom RPG subzero feedneck
- RPG Retent
- Tunablade
- Reloader B2 with magna board and magna clutch
- RF chip (plugged into warp port)
- SP freak barrel with 14" AA and 16" tactical tip
- Dye on/off + mini drop
- Swat force red dot scope
- Macroline fittings from Macrolineguy
- Anno by Gruntbull
- Russian star logo's by http://www.sovietarmystuff.com/

Thank you!

I would like to thank the following people for making this possible:

- The unknown guy selling military surplus at the mahlwinkel biggame
- Geekwarrior
- Roguefactor
- A-Tach-One
- Todd from GBA
- Macrolineguy
- KCs-RTule
- phizz
- Pudgey51
- Anyone i forgot to mention!

And thanks to all of you who took the time to read all my ramblings.

Ok, now what took you so long?

It's a long story, and that is why i put it here, at the end of my post. When i finished the parts for this marker, i shipped them off at the 27th of december 2007 to gruntbull. It took about 2 weeks to arrive, and quite a bit longer than expected for them to annodise the parts. But, there was also the DHL drama. Todd shipped the parts around half april, but shipped as documents so there would be no invoice needed. DHL customs did not accept this, and the package was held. Not knowing what was going on, i called 2 weeks later to find out the whereabouts of my package. It took several phonecalls, a few faxes and alot of patience to find out they've shipped it back allready, and fortunatly for me, Todd picked it up at DHL! I've requested him to ship it USPS instead, and after 2 weeks it was here. This was last tuesday. When i heard they shipped it back, i was told it was returned to the shipper, but Todd told me he did not get anything, so he drove up there and found it! In the meanwhile i was presuming the worst, that it would be lost forever and allready placing a reward for the safe return. Because Todd found the package, i've offered him a $100 reward. Instead of taking it, he told me to donate it to http://www.karindom.bg/

I will donate $100 in his name for all the trouble he went trough getting my marker back. Because of the lowsy turnaround time i was suspecting that Todd was scamming me, but his gesture of donating the money has made me sure that his heart is in the right place. I will probably do buisness with him again, because he deliveres quality and has taken into account my special request not to annodise the threads of the emag frame that carry the ground to the board, even tho he told me the blood spattered emag worked fine without masking.