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Thread: XMOD Use Agreement (no legal garbage)

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    XMOD Use Agreement (no legal garbage)

    Here's what I ask:

    Have a gun and want to load XMOD
    • You can buy a programmer from me($132 Includes shipping to 48 States)
    • You can send your gun to me and I'll flash it ($50 you pay shipping both ways)

    Buying/Acquiring A Gun with XMOD already loaded
    • If you're buying a gun that has XMOD on it it should come with a programmer or you should make me a $50 donation. (Paypal: Just because someone else is trying to screw me You can still do the right thing.
    • If you buy more than one gun with XMOD on it you only need to make one donation of $50. I am selling it per person not per gun.

    Bought a programmer and Selling Your Gun - You must either...
    • Include the programmer with it and remove XMOD from all other guns you own, if you sell the gun with XMOD on it.
    • Remove XMOD from the gun, if you want to sell the gun and keep the programmer. (I will provide you with an AGD 3.2 flash via email if you don't have one saved)

    Programmer Owners
    • You can flash all the guns you own. I am selling it per person not per gun.
    • If you buy more than one gun that comes with a programmer you are free to sell the second programmer for a profit
    • You are not allowed to sell the programmer and keep XMOD on any gun you own.
    • When you sell the programmer you are completely giving up your rights to use XMOD

    Paid for Flash
    • You are not expected to remove the flash from your gun when you sell it as you have no way of doing so
    • Any future flashes for YOU are free
    • If you choose to sell your gun either you add $50 to the price and send me that on the sale of the gun or inform then next person they they are to pay for that Right to own that flash
    • the exception would be if that was the only gun you owned then your rights to the free flash would be transferred to the new owner providing you did pay for them in the first place

    To be honest I wouldn't care if someone else flashes your gun and you just paypal me the $50 to save yourself shipping. The problem is that I have never recieved $50 from a single person.

    I may add to this list if questions are asked or I feel that I have forgotten something.
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