At what point did you think it was a good idea for programmers? Was this not to be a profitable venture? Did you really think people would buy one, and NOT flash all their guns, their friends guns, and since this is a somewhat tight group of guys, their e-friends's guns? Or did you not care? Was this for the "betterment of the AGD Community?"

Hence why places like NOX will flash boards for a set 35 bucks.

If someone wanted something better than AGD3.2 (most everyone since that software has long since been outdated.) and was willing to pay 35-50 bucks to have their board flashed, dont you think they wouldve done it to other guns / told their friends?

If you wanted to make money, that was the way to go.
If you wanted to do this for the betterment of the community, or for any reason other than straight profit, the programmers are a good idea. But at what point can you reverse yourself, decide you wanted to make a profit instead, and try to say "Oh, well if you sell it. Take it off, and if you have it, give me 50 dollars. But i'm not going to force you...."

To me it just dont make sense.