Man I am so burned out this year. It has been a really wierd year.
Of course I am glad that I have even been able to get back on the competition playing field. It has been a lot of work just getting back to a portion of my previous ability, and I have a lot of work left to do. I have to say that it has MADE me get a lot sharper with my gun skills. When you can't move quick, you learn fast to hide behind your gun and pay closer attention to the opposition. Learning to play true "anchor" back, which is much harder than a lot of people make it out to be has been pretty difficult as well.

I think overall the straw that has broken the camels back this year is the fact that we have been unable to nail down a permanent group to play with. There are have been three of us who, for the most part, have been down like clowns for the team. Do and mean what we say, show up when we say we will, and play. It seems like too many events that we have had one or two players drop out a week or so before the tournament. It makes it really tough to compete. Some serious changes will have to be implemented next year to avoid that whole song and dance. We already have a plan in place for dealing with this.

So we have two events left. We just have to show up to the next two and lock down second place. One of the guys we picked up to finish the season with is being a royal pain in the butt. I think he thinks that since we asked him to play that it is now his team to do with as he pleases. He has already gone so far as to invite other people to play events with us, practice with us as part of the team. Some of which have a previous history with us and screwed us over.

Two more games and then I don't have to even think about tourney ball again until middle January.