Ok, I have been hearing many people saying that the only thing that makes a barrel accurate is the paint to barrel match, and I find that not true. How do you people come to these conclusions? If a plastic Talon barrel has perfect paint match with perfect BE paint, which is very unlikely to happen, then it would shoot just as accurate say, a Stingray 2(to make it fair) with a SP Teardrop barrel and perfect paint to barrel match? I think not. I have come to the conclusion from experience. I have a PMI Perfect 12" barrel for my Raptor, and a PMI Pursuite 14". Both are clean and matched to paint good. Now I go to the range, and I shoot off around 10 rounds with the PMI Perf, and none are hitting the target I'm aiming at. Well I go get my trusty, PMI Pursuite. I put it on there, chrono to 290. Shoot and I am getting great accuracy. Now I find that proof enough to say that the barrel and quality of the barrel, is just as much of an important factor to accuracy as paint to barrel match. So would anyone like to explain, what makes you or other people think that the only factor to accuracy is the match of paint to barrel, and leave consistancy out of this if you can.
Sorry for the semi-long post. But realy I would like to know how people would come to this conclusion.

PS: Here are a few smilies so you guys don't think I am tryin to flame people that think this or anything.