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Thread: Gforce Internal LPR - post to order.

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    Gforce Internal LPR - post to order.

    Ok, shown below is a pic of a "production" LPR adapter and CP on/off ASA.
    Also shown is the modified nickel/brass WGP nut- which saves me alot of machine time.
    I have completed testing on both the custom aluminum adapter and the converted WGP nut.
    Both work excellent and I'm really pleased with both. Either should get the job done.
    Orders are ready to be taken, and work is ready to commence (forget about lengthy waits for this custom part ).
    If you have expressed interest in this thread previously, you have been PMed. Chime in or PM me if you would like in on this.

    I will be offering the Aluminum adapter as a single part you can use to upgrade the WGP LPR you already have.
    The WGP modified nut will be sold with the WGP LPR. I will try to purchase several in bulk and pass on the savings.
    If you have a WGP reg, you're welcome to send it in if you want the WGP nut modified instead of an aluminum adapter.

    Just an adapter will be $30 shipped.
    The Complete LPR Kit will be $55 shipped.
    All parts and orings are included as well Direct Mount ASA modification if you wish to send that part in.
    Orders will be filled as received. Paypal payments should be sent to
    If you decide to order, post here or PM me in addition to including your information with Paypal.
    If paypal is not your payment medium of choice, PM me for more info.

    Trades are accepted. (Preferably Glock magazines)
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