I am directing this question towards TK, since he is the father of the newly bred superbolt. I had a question about how it affects dwell on the gun, and thus again, accuracy.

You see, after emailing each other for a while, Bill Mills from warpig was able to teach me some new things about the Mag. One of these topics was dwell on the Mag. Its apparent that these guns do have some sort of dwell. The dwell is affected by the force exerted on the bolt and the tension of the bolt spring. More force exerted with a weaker spring will result in a longer dwell period, and vice versa. This can be seen as the "closed bolt" time when the bolt leaves the seal of the powertube o-ring, diffusing gas through the bolt and propelling the ball forward.

Basically, dwell period is the time the bolt is in its closed phase. The question I want to ask Tom is since the Superbolt is lighter, there will be less inertia in the blow forward action of the bolt. Since the inertia is less, there will be less force to act upon the bolt, basically what you got here is a bolt struggling to fight against the spring tension, resulting in a lesser dwell.

I do remember a thread talking about something that the Superbolt did end up with more reliable feeding since there was a now longer "bolt open time" for the ball to drop.

If this is true, then the Bolt does infact create less dwell. Along with one of Tom's posts that a shorter dwell period does get tighter consistencies over the chrono, then the Superbolt would infact create better consistencies.

This is a question I would really like to know, since there has been much controversy about the said fact that "bolts cant create accuracy". Majoirty of the people here in this forum stated this, but by supplementing posts together, there seems to be some truth to the Superbolt incresing accuracy through improved valve dynamics.

Sorry about this long post guys, you all mustve fell asleep by now zzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzz but I am now on the verge of getting one of these bolts. I have stated that the Superbolt would increase accuracy by removing recoil, now there seems to be another benefit from the Superbolt in the valve timing.

Hope to get confirmation about this soon.

-Hyper (soon to be "Super" Hyper)