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    Introducing the Micromag 2009


    First of all I want to tell all of you how much I have enjoyed this project. It has taken a while, but I have had fun chatting with everyone. We got a lot of great input and the majority of you seemed to agree with the type of design that we had wanted to build including a very streamlined appearance. As I have said before we did take one design in particular as an inspiration for the new MicroMag 2009. There were a ton of really great ideas and we had to narrow it down to one. That design was submitted by Engus, and we have decided that we are going to give Engus his body for free. So congrats to you Engus!!

    Now down to business!! PLEASE do not PM me. I do not have enough room in my PM box to support a lot of questions there. We have set up a new email address just for this project. It is I would like to keep all emails for this project together. For basic questions you can just put it in this thread.

    Cost for the Body Kit is $220. For tracking purposes we will ship everything via UPS Ground or Fex Ex Ground at a cost of $10.00. For anyone that absolutely has to have USPS shipping we will work with you.

    We have decided to go with a better quality material for this body than the normal 6061 aluminum. We are using 7075 which has far superior properties – at a higher cost of course. The difference is like machining margarine in a tub (6061) versus a stick of hard butter (7075). 7075 is one of the highest strength aluminum alloys available. The grade that we will be using is as strong as most mild steels. It also anodizes with a better finish than 6061, although if you are planning on having it anodized yourself you will have to let your plater know that it is 7075.

    Because of the new design requirements we will only be able to offer a proprietary vertical/ASA design. We plan to have both a vertical ASA and a vertical gadget grip available shortly after the bodies are finished. The MicroMag 2009 images here do show the optional vertical ASA. We will be posting a few more images to highlight some of the features later as well.

    Pre-Order deposit is $100 per body, and I will keep pre-orders open for 2 to 3 weeks. We will do our best to start shipping product 4 to 6 weeks from the close of the pre-order period. For those of you who want more than one body we have decided to offer a 10% discount which will be deducted from the final payment. We accept PayPal which is We accept Visa, MC and Discover, or you can mail your deposit to us. Our mailing address is: 28 Stroudwater St, Suite 10, Westbrook, ME 04092. If using mail please let me know so I can watch for it and mark it on my list as coming via mail. Make sure you include your name and address along with your user name from the forums. We are available by phone at (207) 797-8200 from 10am to 5pm EST, Monday – Thursday. I check and answer email 7 days a week.

    As for anodizing, we will offer dust/satin black, raw (which will need to come back to us for assembly) and we were thinking of possibly offering ONE other color… We have enough time to decide on that maybe you guys can come up some consensus on that (maybe someone wants to start a poll??). We are working with our anodizer to look at some other options that we are happy with.

    Just a reminder, we will be basing the number of bodies that we build on what we receive for pre-order deposits. There may be a few available from an over-build, but nothing that we can count on.

    Parts pricing
    Extra breech $60
    Extra fronts $50
    Vert ASA $20 raw $25 ano
    Gadget grip $20 raw $25 ano
    Strip and ano your 45 frame $35
    Strip and ano your frame and battery pack $55
    If you want your ASA double tapped $5
    10" Pro-Series Armson Barrel raw or dust black $30
    10" Pro-Series Armson Barrel gloss black or gloss gun metal grey $40
    Shorten sear pin $15

    Anyone wanting 45 frames for their body... I have 20 single trigger and 6 Double trigger frames available for $50 single or $55 double whether it is anoed or not. comes with safety, trigger assembly. For anyone wanting raw frames I Have 10 single and 3 double that are raw polished.

    Ano and pay list.....Edit, 09.12.10 1:00PM. CDT

    Edit to add...... FAQ link Post #652 here...

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