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Thread: Cerberus Innovations' take on a tactical pump mag

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    Cerberus Innovations' take on a tactical pump mag

    Hey guys I finally had a chance to work on a gun for myself I have been so busy doing production run parts for other people that I never have a pump gun of my own. Please keep in mind it is a prototype and is many different colors at the moment, She is far from done but on her way here are some key features

    1. The tactical pump handle goes over the entire barel giving it an added acessory rail on top. this does add weight to the front end of the gun but when it comes to tactical my parts are not for the limp wristed and can be used when you run out of ammo or in self defense situations

    2. I had Andy pump mill the rail, and cut the warp body flush with the rail

    3. The trigger frame is pretty neat in itself it is cut in the front so the pump mount can mount to the rail, It has a notch in it so you can use an asa. I have another frame just like this minus the notch as well. In the front of the ASA there is a spot where you can add yet another acessory rail, the trigger frame is set way back so that the sere itself is actually the trigger. ( minus the rod and clevis)

    Parts that are still to be made:

    panels which i was thinking rubber wrap around


    springfed tube type loader

    And I was going to make a cover for the body

    By the time I'm done it will be better off a semi versus a pump because of the weight LOL

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