It isn't a matter of being "that guy". Mongoose is online more days than he isn't. Given that, it isn't much to ask that he answers questions in his own thread in a timely fashion. It would be one thing if he were on here as little as Tuna, cyberrave, or the ptp crew.

It isn't a matter of not being answered if he's busy. Its a matter of not being answered, but seeing him active in other threads. If he has time to goof off in the Tunaball threads, he has time to post "still waiting, hang in there guys" here.

Yes, I get that it's an unnecessary update. Personally, I'm content to wait for the updates as Mongoose gives them (as long as they aren't months apart), but the question was asked. Leaving it hanging out there in a public place while you're active in other areas is bad form.