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Thread: Automag Valve Registry! Post your brand(s) and serial #(s)

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    Automag Valve Registry! Post your brand(s) and serial #(s)

    Somone asked the question "How many automags are there in the world?" and the best of put together this answer: "Uh... A lot?"

    The truth is that between Tom Kaye and Dave Zupan nobody really knows how many are out there, how many were out there, how many are propping doors open or are at the bottom of lakes or have been melted down and made into car parts or whatever it may be... To ask the question "How Many" would be to ask an impossible question.

    What we can do is this; a registry for all of, just for valves (not full markers).

    Some of us own upwards of 20 Automags, and some of us own just one. Some have valves with no body, and others with no internals. All you need is a valve with a name on one side and a serial # on the other and I will add it to the registry along with your username. Eventually we'll get most of AO to post up, and come up with a rough number of mags owned by members.

    Here's what you do:

    1) Get all the valves you own in one room.

    2) Put aside any where the back of the valves serial # doesn't match the front (we'll leave that for a later date...)

    3) Write down everything on (A) the drivers side (no air input) and (B) passengers side (air input). (A) is the name and (B) the serial.

    4) Post the name and serial # of each valve using your AO account in this thread. Put multiple valves per post if you need to.

    5) If you find one later, post again! Don't edit your old post; we don't want to lose any.

    6) Eventually this will end up in Excel.

    Post up!

    P.S: Moderators feel free to do what you please with this thread. If it needs to be moved, edited or otherwise altered go right ahead.
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