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Thread: Yesterday at the field....

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    Yesterday at the field....

    ...I ran into Carter, and had a nice (though anonymous) conversation with him and a few of his friends.

    I guess what I'd like to say is that the other day I said some things out of anger and frustration concerning Carters site, and I was wrong to make such sweeping statements. I am still appalled by the behavior of some of the members (several dozen, at least) but I realize that moderation staff can only do so much, and that there are rude people on just about every forum if you look hard enough. Having spoken with Carter and a few other members, and having seen that the MCarterBrown thread was closed down and locked up within a few days of being opened, I can tell that the opinions displayed in and actions resulting from that thread were representative of a large number but not by any means the majority of MCarterBrown members.

    The thread in which the statements were made was closed and deleted by Beemer and myself as the responses got out of hand. I can assure you my statements weren't crude or profane, but they were fairly accusatory and open-ended and that was not right of me. Thanks for all the people who pointed out the shenanigans going on over there, both to me and to the MCarterBrown members harassing me. I appreciate your help, and I regret not having been as level headed as you were with your statements.


    This is not intended to open old wounds. Just an apology.
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    I have a high regard for Carter and many of the mods. But theres a few of them that I felt were dogging me so I gave them what they wanted and retired from that site.

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