I have a Automag RT ULE Custom that is practically new. Ordered it with a ULE trigger and x-valve. I use a Nitro duck adjustable with the 850 piston.

I went out last night (10/2/2009) to play a few games.

I aired up, marker set itself, chronographed then was able to shoot about half a hopper then the trigger would not reset itself during the first game.

I turned off and on my asa to see if the marker would 're-click' and get going, but it did not.

While chronographing, I noticed the marker, which previously was set perfectly, would fluctuate from 220 - 254 (field speed is 250), so I had to dial it down so it wouldn't shoot higher.

After the trigger wouldn't fire, looking at it closely, the pin wouldn't stick out far enough out for the trigger to hit it. At the field I took the marker apart and put it back together, and it still wasn't long enough.

So before I get to work tomorrow on figuring this out, what could have caused this to happen, and what is the best way to go about fixing it? Would the fix also improve the chronographing issue?

Also, to make matters worse, my nitro duck adjustable tank decided it would start leaking. Leaking through the pin and it won't set itself properly for some reason. So I have limited air to try this out as I have the asa on to hold in the air.

- Braxo