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Thread: Gas Leak When Firing

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    Gas Leak When Firing

    Hey guys - I'm starting to get back into playing more and have started getting my mag fixed up. I just added the drop forward and macrolines as well as an X-valve.

    I was tuning the x-valve yesterday and it was shooting great other than sometimes I would get the bolt-stick kind of thing where the air would leak out and the only way to stop it was to purge the gun of the air.

    The x-valve is used but in great condition. It didn't come with any carriers/shims. Just the springs and valve itself. I'm using the middle spring.

    What do you guys think? Do I need order some shims and try to add a one or two?


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    i would get a few more carriers to try out, as well as some reg seat / lvl 10 o-rings (or x-valve parts kit). you want the largest carrier for your o-ring that doesn't leak. i would also test the valve with the gold spring installed, and make sure the carrier o-ring you have is in good shape, clean and oiled.

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    Sounds good. Thanks for the advice! I did do some testing with the gold spring yesterday and experienced the issue a bit more than with the medium spring.

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    Sounds bit like too tight lvl-10 carrier. You can always push the bolt back with a swab if it sticks while testing it.

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    Yes, it definitely sounds like bolt stick caused by a carrier that is too tight for your powertube oring. You need to get a range of carrier sizes so that you can tune any powertube oring to the proper tension. You should also get an X-valve parts kit. That way you will have a complete set of orings in case anything gets worn or damaged. You don't want to get caught at the field without a way to fix your gun should something happen.

    Don't bother adding any shims when you tune your level 10. They cause more issues than they help unless you have a rail that is causing your valve-sear distances to be way off from normal specs.
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    Thanks guys! I ordered up a bunch of carriers as well as the x-valve parts kit so hopefully I can get this old girl tuned up!

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