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    Tom Kaye AutoMag YouTube Videos

    I just finished posting to a thread with a question about an AutoMag valve. In my response I posted the link to part 1 of 9 of Tom's videos on YouTube which together make up the video shipped with the original Mags. I have posted that link in many other "there's something wrong with my gun, I need help" threads. I don't know if the people actually watched the videos, or if the videos were of any help, but I think that they are a huge asset to our community. I think that they should be stickied here in the tech section, possibly with some information as to what is in each segment. And I don't just mean the links, but actually embedding the videos in the post so people don't always have to be jumping over to YouTube. That way we can just direct people to the stickied thread instead of having to go over to youtube, find the videos, copy the link, then go back to the post and paste the link. I don't see any reason why we COULDN'T do it (copyright and whatnot), but I guess now the question is should we do it?

    I just figured I'd post up the videos here anyway. I think that anyone who owns a Mag (whether its a Classic Valve or not) should watch these videos. For the most part, teching a Classic Valve is done the same way as an X-Valve or RT. Plus, its just something that everyone should watch at least once just to see what really makes our great shooters tick, some of the original prototypes which led to the Mag, and kind of what things were like almost 20 years ago. (not to mention Tom's rockin' 'stache)

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