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Thread: Why does hydroing cost so much?

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    Why does hydroing cost so much?

    Why is it so much more expensive to get a tank hydroed by a paintball store? i understand a percentage markup. but this is 4x markup.

    I have 2 tanks that i need hydroing done to. so, the five dollar difference between shops is worth looking for. So. i went hunting around in the phonebook. I found 3 paintball places. all wanted over 30 for the hydro. So, i went to my local welding shop. they wanted twenty And 2 weeks. so i thought about it. and left.
    I finally called the place that checks fire extinguishers. they referred me to another place. Finally got the place that does all the hydroing in the cities. 7.50 each is all its going to cost me.
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    Where ???

    $30 is about the standard rate, because of all the middlemen. Where did you find it for $7.50 ??? That sounds like a steal. Are you sure it is a proper hydro???

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    yes. its the place that the middlemen send the tanks. i just made the calls. and bam. found em. i urge others to do it.

    All-Fire Testing (or something like that.) i cant remember the name but i remember the address.
    915 Washington Ave N.Mpls, MN
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    I'm in MN too. Where is it at?
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    all my friend justin did was go to a scuba shop and he got it done for 12 dollars including the stamp of approval (meaning it passed the hydrox test)
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    Finding a Hydro tester is not all that hard. Just check with your local scuba shops and other gas dealers for where they get their hydros done.

    Luckily, my uncle rns his own gas distributor shop so I get all my hydros for free!
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