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Thread: IF You Email SHE Will Come...........

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    personman Guest
    Vegeta and all who diddnt see this:

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    Hey I might be a greedy bastard, but I want HERS, not just a single SHE.

    Like, a cheerleading squad or a something. A bunch of SHE's. OR 17-18 SHE's? A personal cheering squad for the AGD teams? How about just me? come on, if AGD don't do it WDP will!

    I know, but I was talking about it with some people, and they liked the idea.

    And we have the E- from E-mag, so the SH might be the Syncro Halo, or SHortE-mag with a smaller battery, or even Super Hero E-mag. It is late here, I will let you come up with it.

    "If you build it they will run" - pbjosh
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    i wanna knnnnnoooooww!
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    this hole thing is funny
    popin pills and shootin dice the american dream

    am i the only one who is normal anymore

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