Well, I can say for the time that I have been on AO I have learned an incredible amount of info, including getting all the up to date info about things like the Xtreme Emag and the Superbolt stuff. I remember when I first came to AO. I remember in my first post I said the ANS Venturi bolt was better than the AGD bolt....hehehe. My mag experience began on AO...in the chat....it was actually a big party and someone from Paintball 2 Extremes was there and so was AGD Office Gal...well, she told me where I could go to get my first mag...and wow...I remember going to Pev's and talking to Rob and stuff and saying that I wanted CO2 cause it was cheaper and it was what all me friends were using, and that you were supposed to get this thing called an expansion chamber.... Well, since then, my mag now has a Superbolt, a Z-grip, a Retro, and a warp feed, with Nitro I think a big influence came from AO. I get to hear what works on mag, what doesn't, the newest stuff coming out, product info, etc. I guess I'd like to thank Tom Kaye and the whole AGD crew and all the helpful people here for being a part of such a cool place like this, cause I have learned so much.

What was it like for all you guys before you came to AO?