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Thread: ShoeBox Compressor Important Information, 30 Day Money back YES --- Warranty NO

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    ShoeBox Compressor Important Information, 30 Day Money back YES --- Warranty NO

    *********** NOTICE ****************
    We are no longer using this forum for the "On Order List". You can now get on the order list by visiting and going to the order tab. No sign ups required and you will see where you are on the list.

    We strongly advise you sign up for the ShoeBox Forum which is also accessible by a tab on the website. All announcements will be through the forum. Sign up is now instant with the new forum software.

    The website is still under construction so please pardon our dust!

    Tom Kaye

    ShoeBox Compressor Important Information, 30 Day Money back YES---
    Warrantee NO

    This is an important explanation of the warrantee situation on the
    compressor. As may of you know from the past, I fixed Automags for
    free for many many years after they were sold. In order to give you
    the least expensive price on this compressor, I can not give this
    type of warrantee again.

    As an example, if the compressor was priced the same way I priced
    the Automag (based on a multiple of the actual parts cost), it would
    be 1,200 dollars. You made it very clear to me on the forms that if
    it was priced at 500 dollars or more, you were not interested. So I did
    my job and brought it in under 400 dollars and still reduced the
    fill times by 5x from the original estimates.

    The other problem with a compressor vs a marker is the amount of run
    time. You can't possibly shoot a marker 24/7 but some of you will
    turn on this compressor and let it run non-stop until it breaks.
    Many of you will try to over pressure the system to shorten your run
    times and there is no way I can control that. The sharp guys will
    fiddle with the gearing to tune it to the max and in the process
    melt something down. I can't be responsible for these things.

    Again in order to keep the price down, I will not have a phone line
    for tech support. I will be answering tech questions on the new
    compressor forum here. I am also working on getting Tuna and others
    to do tech support. I am using the Autococker model in this case.
    Budd didn't do much tech support but the dealers loved him because
    everyone came in to the shops for support. As you see with the hose,
    there will be lots of ups and extras that you can get for the
    ShoeBox from your dealer.

    I don't want anyone to feel like they got ripped off from owning one
    of my products, so I will offer a 30 day MONEY BACK NO QUESTIONS
    ASKED policy. You have to pay for the return shipping. I will refund
    the original price of the compressor (but not the original shipping
    to you). If you buy it from a dealer, you have to get your money
    back from the dealer and then I will refund the dealer directly. If
    you didn't give me the money originally, don't expect me to fix a
    problem you have with a dealer.

    If you get one of these units, plug it in, and a part breaks in half
    due to a manufacturing defect, I will repair or replace the unit at
    our discretion. If you give me grief, I reserve the right to give
    you your money back.

    So that is the bad news, but here is the good stuff. Most of the
    small parts even up to and including the pistons, can be purchased
    reasonably online at McMaster Carr. This includes the chains,
    sprockets, bushings, bearings, pressure fittings, pressure tube,
    axles, clips, bolts and some of the orings. You can literally
    rebuild every wear part in the unit from McMaster. I will also have
    an online store with replacement parts soon.

    How long will it last? Thats a question many of you are asking right
    now. In fact we just don't know. I have tried to kill the prototype.
    Beemer is trying to kill a production model right now. We hooked one
    up at 650 rpm (the stock speed is 200) and it jumped across the
    floor....for 15 minutes...(Beemer hid in the other room)
    finally stopped pumping a few minutes later (but didn't stop jumping
    around) so we shut it off. The excessive heat had melted the
    delrin backcheck but NOT the high temp oring (got to love viton). We
    have never worn out an oring or piston or cylinder in all the weeks
    of testing. The only thing that stops it pumping is high heat from
    compression melting something because you over reved it or a flake
    of crap getting wedged in the backcheck valve.

    So if you have actually read to the end of this long winded
    diatribe, you are one of the guys I want to sell the first batch
    too. This is actually the official order list. To be officially on
    the list you need to reply in this thread with something like "The
    money back thing is ok with me!!" AND YOUR ZIP CODE. When we get
    units ready to ship, we will pm you with a shipping cost and a total
    price. You will need to paypal the money into our account and it
    will be on its way. Remember, you need to post that you read and
    understand the limited warrantee and your zip code.

    Thanks everyone! Looking forward to a successful roll out.

    Tom Kaye
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