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Thread: ShoeBox Compressor Important Information, 30 Day Money back YES --- Warranty NO

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    Order List

    I have read and accepted the conditions on the sale of the shoebox.
    I will like a 4500 psi. My zip is 55103.


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    Sign me up !!!!!

    I've read and agree to all terms stated. 4500psi needed. zip is 01515

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    Sorry I forgot to put I want a 4500 psi model in my agreement post.

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    The money back thing is ok with me!! I agree to all terms! #4500 psi
    zip 26501

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    Oct 2000
    We are no longer using this forum for the "On Order List". You can now get on the order list by visiting and going to the order tab. No sign ups required and you will see where you are on the list.

    We strongly advise you sign up for the ShoeBox Forum which is also accessible by a tab on the website. All announcements will be through the forum. Sign up is now instant with the new forum software.

    The website is still under construction so please pardon our dust!

    Tom Kaye

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