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    O-ring Sizes

    I'm not sure if I have the right sizes but this is what I measured them as right from the rebuild kits if anyone can confirm, correct, or complete this list by all means go ahead. All O-rings are 90 Durometer Urethane (except where they are listed as Teflon).

    Classic Valve (for Automag 68 and Mini-Mag; 1 rebuild)
    4 Power Tube O-rings 010
    4 Teflon O-rings 006
    2 Barrel O-rings 018
    2 Reg. Piston O-rings 012
    1 Reg. Body O-ring 116

    RT Classic (1 rebuild)
    3 Field Strip Banjo O-rings 009
    3 Barrel O-rings 018
    2 Power Tube O-rings 010
    1 Reg. Piston O-ring 012
    2 Reg. Seat O-rings 008
    1 Reg. Body O-ring 018
    2 RT On/Off Small O-rings 004
    4 RT Reg. Valve Pin O-rings 006

    Level 10 Bolt (1 install)
    2 Carrier O-rings 008
    1 Power Tube Tip O-ring M1.78X7.94?!? (I need to confirm this. Is this the same Size as would be found on other mag valve tips? I had a dead one in an old Mini-mag that I couldn't figure out the size for, but I replaced the Level 7 with a Level 10 and didn't need it anymore.)

    X-Valve (for RT-Pro, RT Custom, Emag, and Xmag; 1 rebuild)
    2 Power Tube O-rings *
    1 Reg. Piston O-ring *
    3 RT Reg. Seat O-rings *
    1 RT Reg. Body O-ring *
    2 RT On/Off Small O-rings *
    4 RT Reg. Valve Pin O-rings *
    5 L10 Carrier OD O-rings *

    Emag On/Off O-Ring (sold Seperate from the kit above)
    4 Emag On/Off O-ring * Quad (this is a special O-ring that does not have a circular cross section, the cross section looks more like an X)

    Flatline Reg (for Flatline 3000 psi and 4500 psi Tank Regs)
    1 Body O-Ring *
    1 Seat O-Ring *
    2 On/Off Cam O-Rings *
    1 Piston O-Ring *
    1 Small O-Ring *
    1 Tank O-Ring *

    * I don't know the size for these at this time (mostly because I don't own them).

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    I don't have my ULT handy, but check the sizing against a -001 (1/32" ID, 3/32" OD, 1/32" W). That would be the smallest standard size. See for more info.

    Ut's a urethane ring, so it'll be a 90 durometer.

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    The classic RT has a 017 oring for the two valve body halves. Its listed as 018 under the RT rebuild section. Unless I'm wrong and an idiot. I bought a load of 018's for barrels and for the reg body... fits the barrels, too big for the reg body.
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    Has anyone been able to flesh out this list (particularly the X-Valve section). My Mag family is now large enough for me to justify buying nad stocking a bunch of each rather than individual rebuild kits (which contain things I don't need as often.

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