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Thread: O-ring Sizes

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    O-ring Sizes

    I'm not sure if I have the right sizes but this is what I measured them as right from the rebuild kits if anyone can confirm, correct, or complete this list by all means go ahead. All O-rings are 90 Durometer Urethane (except where they are listed as Teflon).

    Classic Valve (for Automag 68 and Mini-Mag; 1 rebuild)
    4 Power Tube O-rings 010
    4 Teflon O-rings 006
    2 Barrel O-rings 018
    2 Reg. Piston O-rings 012
    1 Reg. Body O-ring 116

    RT Classic (1 rebuild)
    3 Field Strip Banjo O-rings 009
    3 Barrel O-rings 018
    2 Power Tube O-rings 010
    1 Reg. Piston O-ring 012
    2 Reg. Seat O-rings 008
    1 Reg. Body O-ring 018
    2 RT On/Off Small O-rings 004
    4 RT Reg. Valve Pin O-rings 006

    Level 10 Bolt (1 install)
    2 Carrier O-rings 008
    1 Power Tube Tip O-ring M1.78X7.94?!? (I need to confirm this. Is this the same Size as would be found on other mag valve tips? I had a dead one in an old Mini-mag that I couldn't figure out the size for, but I replaced the Level 7 with a Level 10 and didn't need it anymore.)

    X-Valve (for RT-Pro, RT Custom, Emag, and Xmag; 1 rebuild)
    2 Power Tube O-rings *
    1 Reg. Piston O-ring *
    3 RT Reg. Seat O-rings *
    1 RT Reg. Body O-ring *
    2 RT On/Off Small O-rings *
    4 RT Reg. Valve Pin O-rings *
    5 L10 Carrier OD O-rings *

    Emag On/Off O-Ring (sold Seperate from the kit above)
    4 Emag On/Off O-ring * Quad (this is a special O-ring that does not have a circular cross section, the cross section looks more like an X)

    Flatline Reg (for Flatline 3000 psi and 4500 psi Tank Regs)
    1 Body O-Ring *
    1 Seat O-Ring *
    2 On/Off Cam O-Rings *
    1 Piston O-Ring *
    1 Small O-Ring *
    1 Tank O-Ring *

    * I don't know the size for these at this time (mostly because I don't own them).

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    5$ donation to the person who lists the ult orings..

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    I don't have my ULT handy, but check the sizing against a -001 (1/32" ID, 3/32" OD, 1/32" W). That would be the smallest standard size. See for more info.

    Ut's a urethane ring, so it'll be a 90 durometer.

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    The classic RT has a 017 oring for the two valve body halves. Its listed as 018 under the RT rebuild section. Unless I'm wrong and an idiot. I bought a load of 018's for barrels and for the reg body... fits the barrels, too big for the reg body.
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    Has anyone been able to flesh out this list (particularly the X-Valve section). My Mag family is now large enough for me to justify buying nad stocking a bunch of each rather than individual rebuild kits (which contain things I don't need as often.

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    Can someone confirm the barrel oring size for classic automag / minimag? I bought one and need to replace barrel orings. Using standard Buna with 70 durometer, it seems like 020 orings fit pretty well and keep the barrel sturdy. For cost saving, I'd like to purchase Buna with 90 durometer to withstand some use. Just can't justify Urethane at something close to $1.00 an oring when I can get (100) Buna 90 durometer for around $6.00

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