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Thread: HALO Battery Pack

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    HALO Battery Pack

    So does anyone know where you can get those plastic 6-AA battery holders that are used in the HALO? I was thinking about getting an extra one, putting the two together in parallel and running both the HALO and the warp off of it and using rechargable AA's to save on the battery costs.

    Yes, I know, run it off the E-Mag battery, but for some reason that's not working for me - if I try and run the HALO off it it'll spin for .75 seconds then not for .25, spin, not spin, spin, not spin, and the Warp Feed doesn't spin nearly as far off the E-Mag battery as it does a 9-bolt or even 6 1.2 volt AA's.

    - Chris
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    batt packs
    12 AA's is gonna take up alot of room........
    couple things
    i run my warp and used to run my revy off the emag battery
    I'm not sure how much you know so pardon this if you do already,
    The max output of the emag battery is 18 volts, a revolution could handle this power without any steps in between but the warp cannot. To hook a warp up to the emag battery pack you have to use a 12 v regulator. This is a common radio shack part, and you will also need a capacitor hooked up as shown on the package. As for the warp the vertical set of jumpers on the board regulates how the warp gets it's signal. I totally disabled the vibration sensor and only run of the emag signal. I grabbed power for the warp after the on/off(yellow pin)pin so unless the gun is on the warp will not spin so i didn't bother with the vibe sensor. Check your warp user manual for which jumper diables the sensor. On the horizontal set of jumpers i am using 4 jumpers. The spin time varies with the input voltage, i think your's was acting funny because you were feeding it to much juice.
    I am unsure about the max input voltage on the halo, so i would use a 9v reg to run the halo off the emag battery pack. One of these days i will get around to drawing up a decent circuit schematic.......
    feel free to bug me with any questions
    Aka tech

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    I've already got it down to 9 Volts. Actually, a little less than that according to my multimeter.

    Now, I didn't actually do the mod, got the marker used, so I don't know the precise method used to regulate the voltage down to 9.

    The warp appears to be drawing about 4 mA when being run off the E-Mag battery. On the other hand, it also runs with only half of the battery connector connected, so apparently some of that current may be getting to ground some other way.

    - Chris

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