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Thread: 2010 V.E.R Frame – Pre-Order Information

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    2010 V.E.R Frame – Pre-Order Information

    2010 V.E.R Frame – Pre-Order Information

    Guys, we are DONE!

    The new frame design was a hit and we are happy to announce that we are now taking deposits for our production run of the first (25) V.E.R. frames!


    If you EVER wanted a vertical electronic frame for your AGD marker, this is the frame for you!

    Pre-Order Deposit = $160.00

    Complete Frame (Matte Black) = $450 + shipping & insurance
    SOLD OUT!!
    Complete Frame (Gloss Black) = $485 + shipping & insurance

    What You Get:
    (1) 2010 V.E.R Frame
    (1) AGD Trigger Return Magnet
    (1) Trigger Axle Pin w/ set screw
    (1) Solenoid w/ set screws
    (1) Set of Panels (black in color) w/ (6) Stainless Steel screws for mounting to frame
    (1) UTB Controller Board w/ Wire Harness, Micro Switch, Capacitor, Power Switch, LED, & 9volt Battery Connector (battery not included)
    (1) Choice of Finish: Matte Black(included in price), Gloss Black(or other color(see Questions section for current pricing), or Raw (un-polished)

    We have (2) triggers to choose from:
    (1) Magnus Talon Trigger w/ (1) Nylon Tipped Travel Screw & (1) Trigger Return Screw (20 available)


    (1) Fireblade V2 Trigger w/ (1) Nylon Tipped Travel Screw & (1) Trigger Return Magnet (5 available)

    (1) Custom Finish (Anno): You can get whatever color/finish you want other than the (3) finishes offered. Price = TBD by anno shop per customer order. Dependant on complexity of job.

    What you need to have in order to make this frame work on your gun (Minimum):
    (1) An AGD valve system that accepts an AGD ULT on/off assembly (I.E. – X-Valves, E-Mag Valves that have been drilled out, RT Pro Valves that have been drilled out)
    (2) A properly tuned valve system (one that has a properly tuned ULT installed)
    (3) A Rail (RT Classic Rail will not work unless a bushing is installed)
    (4) A Body (we recommend AGD ULE bodies for those wanting Eye Systems installed)
    *Option: You may use a Body & Rail Combo (Uni-body) such as a Pro-Team Products 2000 Micro Mag Body in lieu of a single rail & body

    The 2010 V.E.R Frame weighs only 11.4 oz! (thats with ALL the parts!)

    Questions & Answer Section:

    Q: What does my $160.00 deposit get me?
    A: It assures you a spot in the first run of (25) frames being made. It also doesn’t purchase ANYTHING BUT YOUR FRAME! The other parts to complete the frame have already been purchased!

    Q: What if I change my mind after I pay my deposit?
    A: The $160.00 goes directly to the machine shop to make your frame. Once you send payment, you are locked in for at least (1) frame. If you decide you no longer want your frame, you may sell your spot to another person on your own terms. We will not sell a spot for you.

    Q: Can I get extra milling/engraving?
    A: If you would like some custom milling done to your frame, you best bet would be to order a frame finished raw, and find a shop that will handle custom work per your request. We do not offer any other milling beyond the production model finish.

    Q: Can I get a custom finish done by the same anno shop where all the VER frames are going?
    A: If you would like a different finish other than Matte or Gloss Black, you should select Raw as a finish and send your frame into a shop of your own choice.

    Q: How long will it take to get my frame from the time I send in my deposit?
    A: That all depends on how fast the first (13) frames sell. As soon as they are sold, the machine shop will cut all (25) frames at one time. From there, the first (13) people that bought frames will select their finish choices. Once that is done, the (25) frames will go to anno. Frames will come back, assembly will be completed, and the frames will ship. The first (13) frames will ship upon completion regardless if the remaining frames have been sold.

    Q: What would happen if I paid in full immediately?
    A: Your full payment would be counted as multiple “deposits”. You would have (1) frame on order for certain, and we would allow you to have “first dibs” on the next frame after yours. If you choose not to take more than one frame, the money simply goes to your frame as a normal purchase for a single frame. You would be required to pay for the remaining balance on the second frame, which is $450.

    Q: Can I order more panels as spares?
    A: The first (25) panels are reserved for the production run of frames. If you would like another set of panels, we would have to inquire what that would cost to have them made. The price for that would be more than the cost of a production set since the mold is only being used for a single set rather than a bulk order. It’s doable for a price.

    Q: Can I get my panels in a different color than black?
    A: Again, we would have to ask if that is possible. It would most definitely cost more money for a single set in a different color.

    Q: What type of anodizing am I paying for when I buy this frame?
    A1: If you are choosing Gloss Black, it will be a Type II Anodizing on a High Polished Base
    A2: If you are choosing Matte Black, it will be a Type II Anodizing on a Satin Blasted or Etched Base

    Q: What is Matte Black?
    A: Matte Black is a finish that is black in color and lacks the "shiny" coating to reflect light.
    Picture of a Matte Finish --->

    Q: What is Gloss Black?
    A: Gloss Black is a finish that is black in color and has a polished look to the coloring, and sports a "shiny" finish.
    Picture of a Gloss Finish --->

    Q: Whats the real difference in the two types of anodizing offered?
    A: The Gloss Black Anodizing has 1 extra step(s): high gloss polishing of the frame and a dip coating. The Matte Black has a blasting or etched base rather than a polished base and no dip coating.

    Q: What if I want a different color than Black?
    A: The price for a Matte Black finish is figured into your purchase price. If you want Orange (for example) in a Matte finish,... it will be $20 more. For a Gloss (Black or other color),.. its an extra $35. The price on a SINGLE frame and SINGLE trigger is not $35. $35 covers those customers that combine other parts with other customers to receive a group rate. Single colors of any finish not done in a bulk order WILL be more costly at the customers expense.

    Q: Can the anodizing shop polish my extra parts I want anodized or do I have to do it myself?
    A: You do not need to polish your parts before hand they provide this service for an additional +$10 per piece. You may do the polishing yourself to avoid an extra cost to you.

    **NOTE: if the quality of your own polish work on the parts you send in for anodizing is not "up to par", one of two things will happen: #1 your parts will be anodized as is and finish will reflect your work against theirs (meaning parts may not match) #2: they will not anodize the parts to avoid conflicts.**

    Q: Can the anodizing shop remove existing anodizing on parts I send in to be anodized with my VER frame?
    A: Yes. They will remove existing anodizing on parts you send in FREE OF CHARGE as long as you use them for your anodizing (meaning,... you can NOT get your parts back un-anodized after they have been stripped, they MUST be anodized)

    People on the Pre-Order List:

    1 - PBChappy - - SHIPPED
    2 - chettacheez - - SHIPPED
    3 - rschoi_75 - - SHIPPED - sold to knownothingmags - NEW PANELS SENT
    4 - ninja monkey - - SHIPPED - NEW PANELS INSTALLED
    5 - mpsd - Gloss Black with Talon -Pending final payment
    7 - smilestyler - - SHIPPED - NEW PANELS INSTALLED
    9 - splat15k - - SHIPPED - NEW PANELS INSTALLED
    10 - KoolKat - - SHIPPED
    12 - going_home - - SHIPPED
    13 - MagPie - PAID IN FULL - SHIPS 4-6-11
    14 - death594 - SHIPPED - NEW PANELS INSTALLED
    16 - RagnaroktA - Gloss Black VER with Talon Trigger (pending payment)
    17 -
    18 -
    19 -
    20 -
    21 -
    22 -
    23 -
    24 -
    25 -
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