Couple of questions that have come to mind and I thought the topic of how the shoebox works and what to buy to make mine work better was worth discussion.

1: What are the safety concerns with the hoses one might use with their shoebox?

Has anyone noticed pressure spikes with their compressor? What else besides heat and long term (as in the 20+ hours to fill a scuba tank) pressure that a hose might need to withstand should we be thinking about?

I am thinking of suggesting 1/4 inch threading instead of 1/8 threading for the output port on these. I would think good quality hose is more likely to come in 1/4 inch threading and so this would alleviate the need for a fitting. I am predicting that alot of you will blow out 1/8 threaded hose that you have around and then step up to 1/4 stuff. Or just buy the fitting and get 1/4 stuff to start. Maybe there is some great 1/8 stuff out there and I just need to look. Comments? Thoughts?

Anyway will be looking to see what Tuna comes out with. I for one have a stop to make at a hose shop on Tuesday.

2. Tom already suggested that someone is likely to start selling different cogs and belt drive instead of the chain drive. I have this on my list of things to try with my compressor but if someone gets there before me please post up. I wonder what the increase in efficiency would stand to be?

3. Fancy shut off switch anyone? Expensive yes but accurate safer and fancy. What more could you ask for? Don't say cheap or I will curse you with dropping your shoebox on your toe (it already is awesome for the money).

Other ideas of what to add and how you would improve your SB?