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Thread: Shoebox - Leaky Bleed Hole

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    Shoebox - Leaky Bleed Hole

    Looks like unit 041 is DOA or I'm doing something wrong (I really hope I'm doing something wrong).

    First time use, received it today from UPS. Plugged in my trusty glycerin gauge that was dead heading a Micro bore 10,000 psi hose to test the shut off pressure and needle never moved... Heard a hiss, rechecked my hose connections, nope those are good. removed cover of shoebox and placed my finger over small hole that was venting air... looks like the bleed off hole, strange, the bleed screw is tight.

    I removed bleed screw and peered inside... looks like the bleed hole was drilled to far back and is in the tapered seat area of the bleed screw. I used a small o-ring on the tip of the bleed screw to try and seal off the leak, that didn't work. It was still leaking. The bleed screw felt like it bottomed out before the o-ring could get tight, added another o-ring. That stopped the leak and the shoebox start to pump and the gauge needle started to climb, until I got to 400psi where it started to leak again.
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