There have been a few posts about filtering the output of the Shoebox in various threads, but I haven't seen a definitive conclusion or consensus on whether it is needed or not, or what the best way is.

I have a moisture and particle filter on the shop compressor output. Assuming those work as advertised, the only concern would be the lithium grease from the Shoebox getting into the HPA tank? Or could additional condensation form during the compression in the Shoebox?

Is lithium grease getting into the tank an actual safety concern at all? The Shoebox keeps the HPA tank nice and cool, but I am sure that someone will at some point flash fill the tank at a field. Could that become a combustion hazard?

I got Tuna's hose kit with a gauge. I remember at some point he was going to offer a filter, is that still a possibility? Googling only turns up high pressure filters for SCUBA compressors, which seem very expensive.