Hi all, well got the shoebox (#68) all set up with a desiccant filter between the compressors on the end of a 15ft air line. Tried it out on a Logun pro, no go, found a line leak and corrected. Not enough volume to over come probe leakage, so switched to direct fill of a Anz 2002 tank which was near empty, about 10 minutes ( apx 2900psi). That went well so got out the Walther 300 bar rifle tank. starting at apx 100 bar 10 min to 225 bar and it shut off. Gave a quick inspection , started up again got to about 275 bar and it shut off. Everything seemed ok at that point although I thought that the shut off was a bit early. Messed up when removing tank ( forgot it just is a simple pin valve and not a pressure activated one like the ANZ) so lost about 1/2 of what I had just pumped when I cracked open the relief valve. Added a little lithium grease to shafts and started over from around 225 bar. I shut it off slightly before it hit the gauge redline, ( it was still merrily pumping away) about a needles worth so say about 4000psi. About 10-15 minutes. So far so good.