I probably think too much, but putting a dab of grease on the rods every 3 hours that grease is going to build up somewhere.

I suspect Tom may come out with some kind of cleaning of the pistons every X number of hours.

If we don't do that I would think alot of grease is going to be built up and end up going somewhere and causing a problem.

What does everyone else think?

Shoebox vent.

Last night when I was topping my 88cf airhog tank......I seemed to have a hard time getting the shoebox to vent when I was finished. It did NOT vent with its usual gusto and it seemed like I had to screw it a lot further in than previous times and it was a slow vent. My guess would be some crap may be in the vent. What should I do to try and clear this problem??

I probably have around 30hrs on the unit.

All suggestions appreciated.