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Thread: Shoebox Seizing and Alignment Issues

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    Shoebox Seizing and Alignment Issues


    We have had two reports now of compressor pistons seizing in the cylinders. We know that this is caused by misalignment of the piston to the bore of the cylinder.

    We think that when you go to install the air fitting on top of the unit, torquing it down can twist the air block assembly and misalign things. We can prevent this from happening in the future by just installing the fitting before we ship.

    For those of you that have not received the unit yet, when you do, please do the following to install the air fitting.

    Make sure the power is disconnected and remove the front cover. Screw the air fitting into the top of the unit HAND TIGHT. Now use your hand to grab the cylinders and use them as a lever to tighten down the air fitting with a wrench. This will help insure that you don't twist the air block assembly and screw up the alignment.

    For the guys that already have them, please stand by, we are trying to figure out a good way for you to check the alignment.

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    sounds good - thanks.

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